Rinker Captiva 246 CC: A Cuddy Cabin for Special Nights - 08/26/2009
Rinker Captiva 246 CC
There are not many 24' cuddy cabins on the market these days, and the Rinker Captiva 246 CC is one of the few.

With so many families spending their days on the water, the obvious question becomes, why does the boating have to end just because the day does? The typical river has a myriad of shoreline locations just waiting to become your own private campground. The Rinker Captiva 246 CC will open up a whole new realm of boat camping for you. There are relatively few cuddy choices on the market in the 24' class and so if you are in the market for one you should check out the Rinker Captiva 246 CC. We sent Capt. Steve on a mission to scout out some of the features this versatile family boat brings to the table, and report back to us.Bring your sleeping bag -- and your little dog too.--