Test of New Regal 2300: 52.5 mph WOT - 08/26/2009
Regal 2300
The new Regal 2300 bowrider is backed with new features.

Regal’s new 2300 is such a feature-packed boat, and has such good performance and handling, that we predict that it will be an instant success. Designed as an upgrade to the popular 2200, this new bowrider has a cockpit that is 8” longer and 6” wider than the current 2200. Couple that with her outstanding handling and you have a roomy watersports platform that can tow skiers, wakeboarders or most anything else. To give her a critical once over, we sent Capt. Steve to sunny Florida to climb aboard. He also ran the performance numbers and you need to look at these in detail before buying any boat in this class.

Check out Capt. Steve’s video of the 2300 details --