New Monterey 320 // Sea Ray Event // New DPS from Volvo - 08/20/2009
Offshore Motoryacht Newsletter Aug 19, 2009 If you cannot view the newsletter, click here. Tests You Can Trust
- Marquis Yachts 420 Sport Coupe
- Regal 44 Sport Coupe with IPS
- Bayliner 320 Cruiser
- Hatteras 60 MY
- Monterey 320 SY
- Sea Ray 38 Sundancer
- Nordic Tug 42
- Formula 353 FASTech
- Cruisers Yachts 520
- Tiara 3900 Sovran
- Rampage 38 Express
- Volvo Penta's DPS System
- New Photo Story Section
- Four Winns V378
- Boat Lands in Trees
- Maxfilm Lubricant Put to the Test
- Shurhold's Moldaway
- Megayacht Hits the Bricks
- Yacht Powered by Solar Panels
- Nordhavn 57 Cruise Continues
- Capt. Steve's Weekly Lesson
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Marquis Yachts 420 SC: When the Goal is Better -- Not Bigger!

Marquis 420 Sport Coupe
Marquis Yachts 420 Sport Coupe.

Marquis Yachts tells us that their boats have a new level of attention to detail that rivals top-tier builders. The typical Marquis Yachts customer is an owner/operator with average boating skills who is also looking for quality and modern Euro-styling. Let’s take a look the 420 Sport Coupe and see.  Deck shoes only when stepping aboard.

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New Video

Volvo IPS in the Regal 44 Sport Coupe

Regal 44 Sport Coupe IPS
Volvo IPS is offered in every Regal Sport Yacht, and while we know how well it works with entry level operators, what about the veteran?

By now, IPS and joystick docking is not a new topic. Everyone loves the full control while docking larger boats, even while the whole marina is watching. But what about those veterans of the engine controls, the traditional boat captains -- we never really got their opinion, or really let one wring it out and see how it handles. So, we sent Capt. Steve, a tried-and-true aficionado of close quarters handling in yachts of all sizes, to assess an IPS joystick on the Regal 44 Sport Coupe. Check out his “first time with an IPS joystick” video here. No, Capt. Steve-- it is not a video game.

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Closer Look

Bayliner 320 Cruiser:
Layout Options to Please Everyone

Bayliner 320 Cruiser
Graceful lines and good looks are not what highlight this model from Bayliner.
It's options-- free ones.

Bayliner seems to be continuing with their goal of putting more people on the water than anyone else. Bayliner boats are well built, well designed and priced to sell. Not only is this 320 Cruiser a good looking boat, but it is offered in various layouts to suit your tastes and needs. And, by keeping it affordable, they’ve created another winning combination that will have more families enjoying our favorite pastime. Check out our report and see if the Bayliner 320 Cruiser will be your next boat. Good times -- right this way --

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Hatteras 60 Motor Yacht:
That's "Entry Level" at Hatteras

Hatteras 60

This is a general report on general considerations for people thinking about buying a 60’ motoryacht using the Hatteras 60 Motor Yacht as the focus.
This article is for owner/operators only.

We got a call last week from a man who has owned a 40’ sedan for several years and he is now looking for “a new 50-footer,” but what caught his eye were a 58 and a 68 both of which BoatTEST published articles on in the last six weeks. “I really like them both, but the 68 is too much money,” he said, “and I’m not sure I can handle the 58-footer.” The fact is that if he can handle his 40-footer well, has experience and has self-confidence, in our experience he will be fine with either the 58 or 68-footer. In normal, no-wind and no-current circumstances, a single-engine stern drive can be harder to dock than a large twin-engine motoryacht. So it is with this conversation in mind that we will approach the Hatteras 60 Motor Yacht, the smallest motoryacht in the Hatteras line, as well as look at basic buying considerations in this category of yacht. Step aboard (sans shoes, please) --

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New Boat

Monterey 320 SY:
All New and Ready for Her Close Up

Monterey 320 SY
The Monterey 320 SY has an impressive list of standard features and a level of luxury that make her worth looking into.
With 24 models ranging from 18’ to 41’, Monterey Boats is a diverse company that is not satisfied with just a piece of the action. They’re going after the whole pie and with the new 320 SY, they now have 8 models in their Sport Yacht category that range from 26’ to 41’. With so many people asking us about this new Sport Yacht, we just had to take an initial look to see what she brings to the waterfront. Your tour begins here --

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Spotlight on Sea Ray

Sea Ray 38 Sundancer:
More Power for the People!

Sea Ray 38 DA
Sea Ray has added more engine options for you to choose from.
As a test captain, I keep my ear to the ground for when something newsworthy comes down the road. Here’s something I found while skulking around the Sea Ray docks. Sea Ray’s popular 38 Sundancer has always been a premier family cruising and entertaining platform, but it only came with V-drives. Customers talked, Sea Ray listened and now, the 38 “DA” is offered with Axius joystick controls linked to twin 375-hp Merc 496 Magnums as standard. The options list offers engine upgrades up to twin Merc 425-hp with Axius, and twin 364-hp Cummins diesels driving Zeus pods. Sea RayAnd for the traditional captains, such as myself, straight shafts hanging off V-drives are still available with two gasoline powered options (regular and H.O.), and one option for twin Yanmar diesels. We’ve all heard that now is a great time to buy. Deals are everywhere just waiting to be had, but at Sea Ray, they’ve also combine choices with their deals. This is a combination that makes the difference. Explore Sea Ray’s Seven Seas sales event --

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New Boat

Nordic Tug 42:
Proven Performer for the Long Haul

Nordic Tug 42
What better way to get the view of a new build than to visit her on the hard before delivery.
Nordic Tugs is inarguably the most recognizable of the semi-displacement designs on the water today. With a long-standing pedigree and huge popularity, this tried-and-true long distance cruiser has earned her stripes as a proven design that withstands the test of time. The best way to get a down and dirty view of a new Nordic Tug 42 is without the hype of marketing polish and temporary boat show decorations, in other words -- just a raw boat on the hard. This way to the factory --

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New Boat

Rampage 38 Express:
Fishability with Comfort Thrown In

Rampage 38 Express
Express fishboats are often made for taking the fight to the fish and not much else. The cabins are typically no frills, bunk down for the night and get back to fishing the next morning, layouts. A few actually make the cabin family-friendly by making separate staterooms and settees with tables. Rampage, the “Made for fishermen, by fishermen” company, has created a sleek and functional battlewagon in their 38 Express, and her cabin keeps the guys happy at the end of the day too. Come aboard and take a look --

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Formula 353 FASTech:
Speed and Strength

Formula 353
Anyone can make a boat go fast by throwing in more horsepower and keeping it light. Formula does it a little differently.

Speed is basically a simple combination of thrust vs. weight. Add a lot of horses, throw in just the right amount of lightness without making it too weak, stir, and serve. But Formula Boats chose not to follow that standard recipe. They wanted a boat that maintained the Formula performance heritage that has come to represent the overall image of the company. The first series was called SR1 and performed very well. However, technology and design being what it is, advancements were made and a new line of go-fast boats were developed. That new line is called FASTech and it completely replaced the SR1 line. The first model of the new FASTechs was the 353. Subtle changes followed but the FASTech line endured and has now grown into four models. This current 353 is the newest version of the Formula line of go-fast boats, but it still follows a trend that sets it apart from most others. Find out what that trend is --

Second Opinion

Cruisers Yachts 520 Makes the Most of a 15' 6" Beam

Cruisers 520 SC Cruisers 520 SC
A woman's view of the cockpit and saloon. Docking is easy with a joystick.

Test numbers and performance are only part of the consideration that goes into the purchase of a new yacht. Interior design and layout as well and the quality of materials will have just as great an impact in your enjoyment while cruising. Come aboard and see why Cruisers Yachts gets high marks when reviewed from a woman's point of view. Step carefully here.

Tiara 3900 Sovran

One Stateroom, One Purpose

Tiara 3900 Sovran

The team at Tiara Yachts tells us they have worked diligently to provide as much space as possible within the 39’ 3” length and 13’11” beam of the 3900 Sovran. They credit the IPS pod drive system from Volvo Penta and a single stateroom layout for helping to achieve their goal. We think the 3900 is a fair balance between a comfortable salon and a practical and enjoyable helm and cockpit area. Come along as Capt. Rob takes a closer look at her performance and her beauty.

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New Engine System

What's Behind the Volvo IPS and New DPS?

Four Winns V378
Volvo Penta's Dynamic Positioning System.
Since the introduction of the Inboard Performance System, better known by the acronym IPS and the advancement of the EVC (Electronic Vessel Control), Volvo Penta has been looking more like a software company than an engine company. We are all familiar with the enhanced performance and increased maneuverability that POD drive systems offer to even the novice captains, but remember that the concept is not new -- POD drive systems have been driving commercial ships for several decades. What is new, are the advancements in their operating controls. Throttle up here --

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BoatTEST News

New Reader "Photo Story" Section
for Sharing Useful Information

Photo Story
Virtually every day we get pictures or emails from readers sharing their boating experiences, asking questions, making suggestions, and telling us about stories in their town. Our readers are sharp, very involved in boating, and have a lot of good information to impart, yet we have not had a vehicle to pass on these pearls to the rest of our readers until now. We are calling it “Photo Story” and it is a place where you can post most anything that is on your mind relative to powerboating. We posted this new functionality last Thursday on our home page and already a number of readers have taken advantage of it. There is an old saying that “In every head there is a different world.” We look forward to sharing what is in your head about powerboats and related subjects with our readers -- millions of them -- all over the planet. Remember, this is a family website. To see “Photo Story” --

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Second Look

Four Winns V378:
Could They Mean 378 Things to Like?

Four Winns V378
Four Winns continues to impress with their V series. Case in point, the V378 has enough features to practically turn this weekender into a live-aboard. A quick look at the options list shows very few items as the standards take up the bulk of the room. Couple that with the sheer volume of space on this boat and we have a winner on our hands. But just to make sure, we sent Capt. Steve and his critical eye to give the V378 the once over and report back to us. Now what is he going to complain about?

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Accident of the Week

Salem Lady Jumps Wakes, Boat Jumps Trees

Salem Accident
This 24’ center console ended up in the trees after it's 41-year-old female driver and her 33-year-old male passenger were thrown from the boat.

It all happened in Salem, Mass. – you know, the place where they used to burn witches at the stake. Well, they are still having trouble with women, but this time they are flying on boats instead of broomsticks. One female Salem boater recently got in hot water after she was rescued from the cold water. It seems that she and her chum were jumping wakes, trying to catch big air with her center console, when both were thrown from the boat, which then raced to shore running 100’ inland and ending up in some trees 25’ above the water. To see a picture of this lady and get the whole scoop -- jump your mouse.

Product Spotlight

Maxfilm Lubricant: Your Trailer's Best Friend?

Royal Purple's Maxfilm.

If you have a boat, you have metals that are being exposed to a harsh salt water environment. We all can relate to the rusted screw, bolt, windlass safety pin, and various other metal parts on our boats and trailers. Royal Purple recently asked us to test their Maxfilm product and report back our opinion. One of the claims from Royal Purple is that “Maxfilm leaves an exceptionally tough and durable lubricating film for improved operation and long-lasting protection against wear, rust and corrosion.” Let's see what we found.


How to Remove
That Nasty Mold

It is not pretty and trying to get rid of it can be a problem.

One of the unpleasant discoveries made when commissioning time arrives is the abundance of mold and mildew that has grown on cushions, bulkheads, fabrics and in dark, hard to reach places in your boat. Mold can be a health hazard and it will certainly spread if it isn’t removed. Once the mold and mildew are properly removed, then you have to take steps to keep it from coming back. For more information about mold and how to get rid of it--

BoatTEST News

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Another Megayacht Hits
the Bricks on Cap Ferrat

The 127’ (39 m) motoryacht Pari, built by Alucraft in Turkey, drug anchor in what was reportedly a 30-knot blow and ended up on Cap Ferrat’s prestigious rocks.
French Riviera
Arguably the most coveted piece of real estate on the French Riviera, typically superyachts cruising there anchor on the east side of the cape one night and on the west side the next. (Hard to believe, isn’t it?)

We don’t know what it is about the rocks off Cap Ferrat, but each year a large megayacht seems to find them irresistible. Granted, the tiny peninsula is lovely enough to attract folks such as Bill Gates, Paul Allen, and Andrew Lloyd Webber who have homes there, but its spiky shores are hard on aluminum bottoms. Last year it was the 243’ (75 m) Mirabella V sailboat, this year it was the 127’ Pari motoryacht. Writer Somerset Maugham called Cap Ferrat “The escape hatch from Monaco for those burdened with taste." It also seems to be the landing spot of large yacht captains lacking anchoring experience, to say nothing of not keeping proper anchor watch. We are recommending Capt. Steve’s video Lesson #41 about “How to Anchor” for some of the Med’s skippers --

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High Tech

Around the World in 2011
Powered by Solar Panels

Planet Solar
She looks like the starship Enterprise, but this 97’ 6” (30 m) vessel is designed for ocean crossings and is currently under construction in Kiel, Germany.

If funding holds out and construction remains on schedule she will be launched a year from now. The 97’ 6” (30 m) vessel “Planet Solar” will be powered exclusively by 4,964 sq. ft. (470 sq. meters) of photovoltaic cells mounted on deck driving two electric motors in her two hulls attached to multi-blade props. Her designers claim that she will have a WOT (not warp) speed of 14 knots. We look forward to testing this boat as soon as she is launched. We're told that the concept of the project is to draw the attention of the world to the reality of using alternative sources of energy in order to preserve the planet. To find out more about this fantastic boat and when it will be stopping at a port near you -- beam up mouse.

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Nordhavn 57 En Route to Gjoa Haven

Nordhavn 57

The Nordhavn 57 Bagan leaving Newport, RI on June 16, 2009, on its way to the land of the midnight sun.

For the past several weeks BoatTEST has been following professional filmmaker Sprague Theobald on his epic adventure through the Northwest Passage. Last week we left the crew of the Nordhavn 57 as they traveled through Devon Island. This week we joined them as they arrived at Beechy Island, passed through Bear Point and patiently waited for the ice to melt so they could continue pursuing their ultimate goal. Adventure continues here --

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Capt. Steve's Lesson #49

What Should I Do If My Boat Capsizes?

Capt. Steve

Capsizing in a sailboat is much different than a powerboat. As you see in the picture above, you can help right the boat by getting up on the centerboard and using your weight to bring the boat back over.

This week Capt. Steve goes over four new lessons and guidelines on what you should do if your boat capsizes. First and foremost get your life jackets on. Stay with the boat and try to get as far on top of the boat as possible in order to keep your body out of the water. Remember, you want to keep your body temperature from dropping. Do not attempt to swim for help as you will just exhaust yourself. These are basic procedures which all recreational boaters should be aware of. The videos presented this week are part of Capt. Steve’s USCG-approved boating course called “Smart Boating.” Watch Capt. Steve's video boating lessons every week on

To view this week’s lessons --

To view past lessons --

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"The Chinese bankers invited the Obama administration onto their yacht to break the bad news that there will be no more loans."
- S. Sanford

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