Tohatsu 70-hp Outboard: Right Engine for the Times - 07/29/2009

tldi chart Tigé
Tohatsu’s TLDI system is SOTA and is as good or better than anything else on the market in 2-stroke outboards. Its 70-hp engine has lots of useful applications.

If you are like most people around our marina then you probably never gave much thought to Tohatsu outboard engines. Occasionally you’d see the brand in the small booth at the boat show, and you’d rarely see an ad for them. We always considered it an “off brand,” one not ready for prime time, particularly against the big boys like Yamaha, Mercury and the rest. Then we discovered that all of the Mercury engines from 2-hp to 30-hp are actually re-labeled Tohatsu engines. Well, if Tohatsu engineering and manufacturing are good enough for the mavens in Fond du Lac, how bad could they be? And maybe it’s a good thing that Tohatsu doesn’t spend millions of dollars at boat shows and promoting bass tournaments, after all who ends up paying for all of that eyewash in the end? Then we began to drill down to find out more about Tohatsu. Join us for an eye-opening experience --