Tigé Z1 Wakeboat: Pro Boat for the Average Family - 07/29/2009

Tigé Z1 
Tigé’s patented adjustable performance system allows for changes to the hull’s performance without having to add ballast tanks or fat sacs.

Having to make a watersports boat is much more challenging than, say, a fishing center console. That’s because for the most part, fishing is fishing. Watersports however, changes dramatically between disciplines. What works for a slalom skier is vastly different from a wakeboarder. When a manufacturer scores in making a boat that performs across the entire watersports spectrum and keeps everyone happy, it says something not only about the boat, but the builder. Tigé’s Z1 is just such a boat, and that means we just had to see what the fuss was about. Strap on your board of choice and jump in --