Kayot S225 Outboard Deckboat - 07/29/2009

     Kayot S225
A deckboat with an outboard? Is it better?

Harris Kayot has been making boats for 52 years and has been making deckboats for 33 years, so the corporate culture there knows a thing or two about the type. In fact, the deckboat was born in Northern Indiana by another builder down the road in the early 1970s and by 1977 Kayot was the #2 seller of deckboats. By the late 1980s virtually every builder of sportboats had at least one deckboat model in their line. In 1998 introduced a deckboat with a deep-V bottom which mean that it could be run faster in bigger water. Now Kayot has hung an outboard on the swim platform. The big question is, how well has Kayot executed the concept and how does in compare to the standard I/O configuration? We asked Capt. Steve to give it his critical eye and let us know what he thought.  This way to the dock --

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