Crestliner 1850 Raptor Comes in 4 Versions - 07/29/2009

You want an 18’ fishboat with two pro seats, one butt seat and five drink holders? Oh, you only need three drink holders, but need two butt seats? No problem, Crestliner’s Raptor series has the model for you. If you can’t find exactly what you want among the four Raptor models pictured above, the company has no fewer than 20 other 18-foot boats from you to chose from. Did you say you wanted a smaller or bigger aluminum fishboat? Crestliner has 100 different models to chose from, all with different features and options and at all moderate to low price points.

Crestliner 1850 Raptor TE SC
The Crestliner 1850 Raptor TE SC
Crestliner Raptor 1850 CE SC
The Crestliner 1850 CE SC.
Crestliner Raptor1850 TE WT
The Crestliner 1850 TE WT.
Crestliner Raptor 1850 CE WT
The Crestliner 1850 CE WT.

Forget about comparing a Crestliner with brand X or Y since with 100 models the company can match virtually anything else on the market. Crestliner is one-stop shopping. Your only problem will be sorting through all of their boats, but they have the best solution we have seen for that, too. We told you they had something nice.

     Raptor SE SC and SE WT
Raptor 1850 CE SC and CE WT

     Raptor TE SC and TE WT
Raptor TE SC and TE WT

     Crestliner Raptor
Raptor TE SC and TE WT
Yes, it is all a bit confusing to us, too. But not to worry.

So how does an angler figure out which boat is the best one for his application, particularly since so many of their boats look the same? No problem -- the folks at Crestliner have taken a cue from and have created a comparison feature on their website. It is one of the best ones we have ever seen on a site and we heartily recommend it to you. With it you should be able to find exactly what you are looking for.

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