Carolina Classic 32: Up from Center Consoles - 07/22/2009

Carolina Classic 32 

With her clean lines and 20 deg. deadrise, this 32 footer is poised for offshore realms that are otherwise the fishing grounds of bigger express fishboats and battlewagons.

Carolina Classics’ 32 is the company’s newest boat and she is designed to go where the battlewagons tread, but at far less cost. Carolina Classic specializes in express fishboats, building four models from 25’ to 35’. Yard owner Mac Privott is well known in the Carolinas as being a no non-sense boat builder who makes a good boat and stands behind his products and their components [read: engines] even when some of the component-makers won’t. That’s why we like the guy. There are a number of express fishboats on the market in the 34’ to 40’ range, so Privott has cleverly come in with a smaller and therefore less expensive product that he hopes will appeal to center console folks who are looking for more boat. To see if she has the right stuff to handle the job, we sent Capt. Steve to give her the once over. Capt. Steve’s review --