The New Canyon 366: Grady-White Strikes Back - 07/22/2009

GW 366 

One of the first snap shots of the new Grady-White Canyon 366 just after being launched in an undisclosed location near Greenville, NC. She will be the flagship of the new Grady-White “Canyon” Series of offshore center consoles from 28’ to 36’.

When it comes to building bigger boats Grady-White has historically been a follower, not a leader. The reason for that is because Grady has been around a long time (this year is its 50th Anniversary) and intends to keep it that way. As a result, a number of very good builders have gotten a march on Grady-White in the lucrative 30’+ offshore center console fishing market. But now -- in one fell swoop -- Grady has announced for 2010 its new Canyon Series with models 28’, 30’, 33’ and 36’ – and at the same time has leap-frogged much of its competition. At the top this all-new line is the impressive Grady-White Canyon 366. The first boat just came out of the factory, and we’re going to give you a sneak peek. Capt. Steve reports --