Meridian 341: Docking On Command - 07/22/2009
 Meridian 341 
The Meridian 341 sedan is growing in popularity and one reason is because of its exclusive “Docking On Command” system.

The Meridian line of sedans and motoryachts is the only builder in the world that has what is known as “Docking On Command.” This is a clever control system by which the skipper can activate the boat’s bow thruster, stern thruster, or both at the same time to dock the boat. Ever try to dock when there is a cross-current, or a diagonal current sweeping below the pilings? Worse, try entering a narrow canal or marina where clearance is 8” on either side of the boat when the tide is going out! It is at times like those that you will be thrilled to have “Docking On Command” in addition to your main engines. While it is not as sophisticated as the Axius or Zeus drive systems, it also costs far less. We asked Capt. Steve to test a Meridian 341 with the system and give us a video report. Take it away captain -- dock the mouse

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