Pleasure Boater TV Runs All Summer - 07/15/2009
 Captain Ted Jones
Capt. Ted Jones is the host of Pleasure Boater TV which is now in its 9th season.

If you haven’t caught the program “Pleasure Boater” on cable TV, then you are in for a treat. It is aired on Versus and on the Sun Sports cable channels. The programs have been running all spring long, but they are now going into summer re-runs so you can still catch them. We count Capt. Ted Jones as a good friend and we’re here to tell you that he is a real USCG-licensed captain. He reminds us a bit of the Captain from Gilligan’s Island because of his cap and his great sense of humor. He is an avid boater and in each episode he explores several different nautical related subjects – most of which are not the normal boating magazine or TV program fare. Each week you can also see the best of BoatTEST's most recent tests. Learn more about Pleasure Boater and the Masters Entertainment Group that produces it --