Smoker Craft Ultima 162: The Stuff Memories Are Made Of - 07/15/2009
Smoker Craft 162 Ultima
A family boat with fish appeal. The Smoker Craft 162 is the right mix of ease of use and tools to get the job done. Whether it’s fishing this weekend or boating with the family next weekend.

Capt. Steve’s first boat was a 16-footer. And it’s the boat that started him on a journey that culminated in a career that has made him a world-famous boat captain having to beat back groupies with a GPS! Well, at least that’s how he explains it -- and he get’s some pretty interesting fan mail. As it turns out, the Smoker Craft Ultima 162 is the perfect size for teaching boating responsibility to your kids, the same way Capt. Steve was taught -- by giving responsibility. And the Smoker Craft Ultima 162 is just the boat to do it. Read Capt. Steve’s report and see what we mean --