Caravelle Crossover 240: Bowrider with Deckboat Punch - 07/15/2009
With a capacity for 13 persons this 23’ 8”
(7.2 m) boat has the right stuff for big fun.

Competition is heating up in the deckboat arena, and the design folks at Caravelle have rolled up their sleeves and launched a contender that is sure to KO a number of her competitors. Caravelle has been in business for 40 years and it is incorporating some of the highest tech materials seen in any boat in this class. The Caravelle Crossover 240 has a long list of standards that give her plenty of points in her category. Coupled with the right mix of options and a competitive price, this is one fight that ain’t over till it’s over. We gave Capt. Steve a ringside seat, and he’s reported back to us. In this corner-- the Caravelle Crossover 240