2009 Tahoe Q4 SS Review: $19K for a Starter Package - 07/15/2009

     Tahoe Q4 SS
At a “no hassle” price of $18,635 for 2009 models, the Tahoe Q4 SS with 135-hp Merc stern drive and trailer is a good way to get started in the boating life.

According to one dealer we spoke with the new 2010 models are selling for about $700 more than the 2009 models and he was out of the 2009 Q4 SS boats. Shop around and you may be able to find some 2009s still in inventory for the $18,635 package price. According to Tahoe this includes dealer prep and freight, along with the engine and trailer. Sometimes you see a low-priced “starter” boat but then you have to add necessities which make the advertised price realistically unattainable. Not so with Tahoe. Recently Capt. Steve took a good look at the Q4 SS. Watch the video and read his review of the Tahoe Q4 SS --