New Cabo 52 Flybridge Challenges the Big Boys - 07/08/2009
Cabo 52 Flybridge Convertible
The new Cabo 52 has 3 staterooms, a 17’9” beam, carries 1400 gal. of fuel, weighs 50,000 lbs. and will make life difficult for Bertram, Hatteras and Viking battlewagons.

Let’s cut to the chase – Cabo has gotten to where it is today by building better boats than its cheap competition, and lower-priced boats than its high-quality competition. Cabo builds the important things right, yet does not lavish money on fine-yacht grade joiner work, gadgets, complex systems, re-inventing the wheel, and expensive marketing eyewash. What you see is what you get, and if you don’t see it, chances are it’s not there. For the last five years or so Cabo has given Bertram and Viking fits at the small end of their lines, and now it takes on the big battlewagons of the big three – Bertram, Hatteras and Viking. To find out more about the newest entry to the heavyweight navy --