Serious Marine Cleaner by Shurhold - 07/08/2009

With so many cleaning products on the market, the team at Shurhold asked us to give their “Serious Marine Cleaner” a try. Removing nasty stains, scum marks at the waterline, grease, dirt, scuff marks and other grime on a boat's various surfaces is an age-old chore, and one that can take a lot of time and effort. Let's see how it worked.

Serious Marine Cleaner
Shurhold products makes cleaning your boat feel like less of a chore.

Several months ago the company that makes Yacht Brite products (Shurhold) sent us a bottle of “Serious Marine Cleaner”. We gave it to one of our staffers who had left their PWC in Long Island Sound last fall and had never gotten around to cleaning it up. Needless to say the scum had fossilized. “I just gave it a few sprays of the cleaner and the mess came right off,” was the testimonial. “Did you have to use a lot of elbow grease?” we asked. “No, it came off easy,” was the answer.

In fact, it came off so easily, that our trusty reporter proceeded to then wax the hull with “Pro Polish” the product we mentioned last week and forgot to take a “before and after” picture of the cleaning. So we can’t show you a before and after picture of the cleaning, but we do have a before the cleaning and after of the polishing. So there you have it.

Serious Marine Cleaner
Before cleaning.

Serious Marine Cleaner
After cleaning with the polish applied.


Serious Marine Cleaner
After cleaning and polishing.


Taking these kind of “before and after” pictures is always problematical. It is hard to see the hardened scum, but it is easy to see the scratches. The after picture was taken after both the cleaning and the polishing.

Made by Yacht Brite, the magical yacht solution is “Serious Marine Cleaner” and this chemical solution is formulated to clean a multitude of surfaces including fiberglass, vinyl, carpet, rubber, teak, acrylic, canvas and stainless steel. “Serious Marine Cleaner” eliminates the need to carry a whole host of chemicals. Easy to use, it can simply be sprayed on soiled surfaces and then wiped or scrubbed away, taking the dirt and grime with it.

The cleaner is equally effective in the bilge, head or the cockpit, and it also works on salon and outdoor carpet, we’re told by the maker. When utilizing a tire treatment, a simple pre-wash of the tires with “Serious Marine Cleaner” will provide a show-room shine on your trailer or vehicle, they say. Based on what we saw, that sounds true.

32 oz. bottle for $11.98
1 gal. bottle for $29.98
5 gal. drum for $98.98

Note: The 32oz spray bottle is ready to use. The 1 gal. bottle & 5 gal. drum are a concentrate that you mix 1:4 Water. So a 1 gallon of SMC makes a total of 5 gallons.

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