Frogmen Video Secret Sea Ray - 06/24/2009

Sea Ray -- New
A never-before-seen video of a top-secret Sea Ray project was captured by Backwater frogmen swimming off Merritt Island, Florida.

A usually reliable source told us recently that Sea Ray was working on something really big and very “hush-hush”, so we hired some unemployed Backwater frogmen to stake out the company’s dock in Merritt Island. Lots of secret stuff goes on there because it is just a few miles from the Cape Canaveral Kennedy Space center. Homeland Security patrols are everywhere so it is an ideal location for Sea Ray’s covert skunk works. Prototypes of new boats are usually only taken out for testing in the dark of night to foil the prying eyes of industrial spies, so our frogmen had to be patient. But late last week the Sea Ray engineers slipped up and we got some video footage of what could be a design breakthrough. First time ever seen by the public --