New Formula 34 PC Tops 48 MPH in Test - 06/24/2009

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Formula 34 PC
She’s a performance cruiser (PC) which means you can really go places over a long weekend.

The great thing about a Formula 34 performance cruiser is that you can cruise at any speed you want up to 48.2 mph. Most summers we take an annual cruise up to Maine, making three hops up the coast: Stamford to Newport (5 hours), then to Provincetown on the cape (4 hours), thence to Portland, Maine (6 hours). Once up there we often poke along at 8 knots enjoying the incredible coastline and wildlife – and avoiding the pots! But coming back home, we usually shove off at dawn and make it back to Stamford in one long day. But with the Formula 34, you can sleep in, then run her at 38 knots—nearly twice as fast – and be in Stamford for dinner. Capt. Steve will be writing a full captain’s report soon on the boat, so stay tuned for his video. In the meantime, take a look at our new test numbers and see exactly how far and fast you can go in her --