Welcome to the Hargrave Film Festival - 06/24/2009

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Hargrave Sandrine
120’ Sandrine: Story behind Hargrave’s largest build.
Hargrave Sandrine
120’ Sandrine: From a woman’s perspective.
Hargrave Sea Legend
114’ Sea Legend: Built to be a world cruiser.
Hargrave Seafarer
101’ Seafarer:
A custom world-class interior.
Hargrave Mar Azul
84’ Mar Azul: Disappearing raised pilothouse.

Some of the most beautiful videos we have ever produced are of Hargrave Custom Yachts, so today we are offering you a free ticket to the “Hargrave Film Festival.” We don’t know which video is your nominee for the Palm d’ Or, but everyone we know seems to have their own favorite. Each video has its own story and unique slant. Here and there you discover some surprises, and while not exactly of the Alfred Hitchcock variety, if you love classic motoryachts, we think you’ll find them compelling. They are also good tutorials on the details of fine yacht connoisseurship. Custom yachts are not built in a month or two, so if you are thinking about enjoying next summer on the motoryacht of your dreams, now is the time to contact Hargrave. Visit their website --