Making a Bad Prop Almost Good as New - 06/17/2009

Report Highlights:
  • Pictures of prop repairs
  • How prop repairs are done
  • Boat prop repair prices
  • Boat prop damage fixed

If you have ever wondered what it takes to fix a damaged prop we have a series of pictures that shows the process better than words. With the cost of propellers going higher every year, repair is becoming more of desirable option if at all possible. Two weeks ago we published an article explaining how to determine if your props could be repaired. This week we will show you exactly how it is done.

damaged prop
You are looking at a prop that is damaged from a rock in a river. Believe it or not this prop can be put back into top condition.

damaged prop
This picture shows where the blades were straightened out.


damaged prop

Now the prop has been put back into the correct rake.

damaged prop
This picture shows the prop being returned to the correct pitch.

damaged prop
Weld material is added to each blade, in order to bring the prop back to its original diameter.


damaged prop
This prop has been ground down after the blades were welded.


damaged prop
The next procedure is to size and balance all the blades on the prop.


damaged prop
Next the prop is painted and buffed.



damaged prop
The last step is the prop is painted and ready for action.


Cost of Prop Repair


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