BoatTEST Newsletter - 06/18/2009
BoatTEST Newsletter June 17, 2009 If you cannot view the newsletter, click here. Tests You Can Trust
- Regal 2100 RX Rocks
- Is Your Boat NMMA Certified
- Boat Buying in 2010
- Triton Gives Free Upgrades
- New Bass Cat Puma FTD
- New Boston Whaler 150
- New Cobalt 276
- New Monterey 260 SCR
- New Skeeter SL1900
- New Triton 218 Bay Boat
- Yanmar Offers Repower Rebates
- New OceanX from Volvo Penta
- Ethanol Causes 70% of Repairs
- 500 Miles to Abacos on PWC
- Boat Soap That Works
- Doral 235 Ranks #1
- Prop Repair: Almost New
- Top 10 Shark Attack Beaches
- Lightning Strikes Two Boaters
- Canadians Fine Linda Greenlaw
- Yamaha Starts Boat Rental Clubs
- Brits Blow Up Somali Pirate Ship
- London to Sydney on a PWC
Capt. Steve's Weekly Lesson
- Ducky Award Winner

Tested: New Regal 2100 RX Rocks Wake Jocks

Regal 2100 RX
Regal’s new 2100 RX with four stereo pods blasting 200 watts will thrill any wake dude catching air while at the same time impressing the babes.

All spring long we have been receiving notes from our readers about Regal’s new 2100 RX being something particularly hot, but sometimes these wake dudes are so OD’d on Red Bull we're not sure what to believe. So last week we dispatched Capt. Steve down to Orlando to put a cool hand on the wheel. The cranky captain put the boat through her paces, and we had a video crew on hand to capture it all so that you could see exactly what we found, fair and balanced. We’ll have it ready in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, here’s Capt. Steve’s full report, hot off his laptop --

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Boat Certification

Is Your Boat NMMA Certified?

   NMMA Certification
NMMA inspectors check compliance with hundreds of standards, including regulations about the installation of the all-important fuel tank connections as shown here.
In the U.S., other than meeting a few federally mandated minimal USCG requirements, boats are not required by law to meet any rigorous building standards or even to be inspected. “Let the buyer beware” was the watchword until the NMMA started its boat inspection and certification program. Before buying a new or used boat, check to make sure the boat has been Certified by the NMMA. If it is, then you can have peace of mind when buying and operating your boat, confident that it meets the gold standard for recreational boat construction in the U.S. as set down by the American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC). To find out more and to check the list of boat brands that have been certified by the NMMA --

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Industry News

Boat Buying in 2010

   Johnny Carson
And the question is… “Should I buy a boat this year or wait until next year?”
“To buy this year when I know prices are great, or wait until next year when the best deals may be gone,” that is the question? The uncertain economy has stopped many boaters in their buying tracks. Still others are making tracks afraid that the window of buyer opportunity will not last long. Indeed, new boat sales have been nicely up the last couple of months. We’ve been saying for six months that 2009 will be the best year in history for the consumer buying a new boat. But there is no denying that the current credit crisis is forcing rapid and fundamental changes in the boating industry. We think it will affect the way you buy a new boat, sell your used boat in the future, and maybe happen as soon as next year. Join us for a look at some of the possibilities --

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Triton News

Triton Gives Free Upgrades
In Accessories to Veterans

   Triton Banner
Triton SF220
This Triton SF220 package with a trailer and the 225XL Verado has an MSRP of $53,963. Buy it and you will get a wakeboard tower valued at just under $5k, if you are a vet or on active duty, plus a $1,500 rebate.

Triton has arranged for upgrades of accessories, mostly trailers and outboard engines for any veteran or active duty military personnel who buys a new Triton aluminum or fiberglass package boats from now until July 10, 2009. Most of the free upgrades range from $600 to $2500, but some go higher and one – a wakeboard tower -- is worth nearly $5,000 if you choose the SF220 package seen above. In addition there is a $1500 rebate on this boat for any buyer, including the vets. To find out the retail value of Triton’s promotion for each package boat that it sells -- recruit your mouse

See Triton boat tests --

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New Boat

New Bass Cat
Puma FTD

Bass Cat Puma FTD
This 20’4”, 1845-lb. Puma FTD bass boat looks plenty fast to us. Look where it is riding on the hull.

The all new Bass Cat Puma FTD is “bad” according to the builder who says that they “simply took the front half of the Puma and married it to the back half of the Cougar FTD.” The company says this boat is “quicker and more stable, and provides a solid ride.” We don’t know since we haven’t tested it but she looks interesting to us. To find out more --

New Boat

New Boston Whaler 150 Super Sport

Boston Whaler 150 Super Sport
The introductory price of this 15’ Whaler is just $13,999 complete with 60-hp ELPT EFI 4-Stroke Mercury and a trailer.

The big sister to the 130 Super Sport, the new 150 also comes with stylish lines and legendary unsinkability. The best part is, you accessorize the 150 Super Sport the way you want it. Whether you wake up or wakeboard, go fishing or cruise, the150 Super Sport makes a good, affordable utility boat. Find out more --

New Boats

New Cobalt 276 Continues the Legend

Cobalt 276
Cobalt’s new 276 BR is a 5500-lb. beauty with a 21-degree deadrise and a base MSRP of $93,875.

Cobalt considers itself the ultimate in sportboat design and execution and along with one or two other brands we would agree. This model has a unique bow layout for a bowrider – no seat at the pointy end so you can stand there and anchor and easily get to the bow. We like it. To find out more and see prices --

New Boats

New Monterey 260 Sport Cruiser

 Monterey 260 Sport Cruiser
The new Monterey 260SCR with the Mercury 350 MAG has a MSRP base price is $99,890.

The 260SCR is all new from the keel up and features and optional “Sun Island” seating aft or the cockpit you see above. Below, there is a mid cabin double bunk and a fiberglass headliner that is easy to keep clean, and doesn’t snag or get mildew. Headroom is 6’0”. Displacement is 7,200 lbs. For more info --

New Boats

Skeeter SL1900
for Fish and Ski

Skeeter SL2100
The new Skeeter SL1900 is designed as a family watersports boat, for skiing, wakeboarding, tubing or fishing.

Skeeter says that it has designed the new SL1900 to deliver the highest range of watersports excitement without sacrificing fishability.  With a 8’2’ beam and weighing 1,975 lbs. the boat will be easy to trailer. It is rated for 6 passengers and carries 30 gallons of fuel.  Find out more --

New Boats

Triton 21'
Bay Boat

Triton 21 Bay Boat
The new 218 Triton Bay Explorer equipped with a trailer and a 225XL Verado has a package price of $42,367 MSRP.

Forward and aft casting decks compliment a surprisingly spacious cockpit. The boat has 281 quarts of lockable, closed storage, rod lockers, and fish boxes as well as 2 baitwells and many other standards. She weighs 2200 lbs., has a 3-year component guarantee and a limited lifetime hull warranty. Read more --

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Engine News

Yanmar Offers
Repower Rebates

Yanmar 8SY-STP
Get $1700 “instantly” off of this 8SY-STP Yanmar engine when purchasing for repower.

Just like this is the best time to buy a new or used boat in 50 years, this is also the best time to repower, thanks to Yanmar. Helping to stimulate owners' boating passion, Yanmar Marine USA Corp recently introduced the “Yanmar Instant Rebate” on repowers, saving boaters up to $1,700 per engine. "We're happy to announce our own stimulus package in the form of an instant rebate for retail repower engine sales between June 8 and August 31, 2009," said special projects manager Greg Eck. "The plan is to give a pleasure boat customer who is thinking about repowering a reason to act now." For details on the program --

Read BoatTEST Yanmar Repower articles --

See Yanmar’s engines and BoatTEST video descriptions --

Engine News

Volvo Says Its New "OceanX" Is Better Than SeaCore

Volvo has developed a titanium-ceramic coating that greatly improves the corrosion resistance on lower units for its stern drive systems.

“OceanX easily achieves the highest corrosion protection level over any available system,” says the Volvo Penta project manager of OceanX, John Marsh. That is a nice way of saying that OceanX is better than MerCruiser’s SeaCore system which was introduced over two years ago. We’re told by a Volvo Penta spokesman that in accelerated saltwater life-cycle “scratch tests” without sacrificial anodes, that OceanX’s corrosion resistance is four times greater than the MerCruiser coating solution. That is because the titanium-ceramic coating has permeated the aluminum molecules, according to the Volvo spokesman, which greatly slows both the speed and depth of “corrosion creep.” The OceanX system includes fresh water cooling as well as the addition of two important water-intrusion sensors, one in the lower gear case and the other in the universal joint bellows. The suggested retail price of the new product is $2,990. To learn more about OceanX --

Check out Volvo Penta engine tests --

Ethanol Fiasco

Ethanol Causes 70%
of Spring Outboard Repairs

Merc Engine
When outboard engines came into repair shops in central Minnesota this spring the service techs knew right where to look.

This spring there was trouble in River City, as in St. Cloud, Minnesota, home of three of the largest boat builders in America – Glastron, Larson, and Crestliner. But the trouble had nothing to do with the boats, but rather with the fuel being sold to run their engines. Again the culprit was ethanol in the fuel, a complaint that we hear about every spring it seems due to what is commonly called E10. Recently an article was published in the St. Cloud Times interviewing three service techs working in the marine industry. Listen as they explain the problems and what you can do to avoid your own costly repairs --



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PWC News

500 Miles to the Abacos
and Back by Yamaha PWC

   Richard Wolpert
Media executive Richard Wolpert went 500 miles in 8 days to publicize and raise money to help research cures for Crohn’s disease.

On June 11th, Richard Wolpert completed a 500 mile, 8 day solo personal watercraft adventure through the Bahamas benefiting Crohn’s disease research. The trip began and ended in Florida, with two open ocean crossings of the often treacherous Gulf Stream and a stop on every major island in the Abacos, Bahamas. The ride raised more than $35,000 to battle Crohn’s Disease. He did not have a riding companion or a chase boat. To find out more about this remarkable solo ride-- hop the mouse

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Product Review

We Test "Brite Wash" Boat Soap

Brite Wash
Stop using dish soap on your boat!

You may not know it, but that dish soap is NOT good for your boat cleaning needs, it removes wax and degrades the waterproofing on your fabrics! We tested a product purported to be chemically designed to clean our boats better and be safer on the materials and the environment: Brite Wash from Shurhold products. When we tested Brite Wash, we found it worked as advertized and removed all the dried-on salt and muck we are all familiar with. We even gave a shot at using it in the engine compartment and bilge area where it was very effective at degreasing and cleaning. After washing, unlike when we used the dish soap, the shine from the wax was still there. Give it a try for yourself and see why it passed our test. Learn more --

Top 10 List

Doral 235 Ranks #1 In May Reader Popularity

Doral 235
The new Doral 235 article we published in May generated the most reader interest.

In May, we published more than 40 articles covering boat tests, reviews, new boat introductions, and boat comparisons covering vessels from 17’ to 100’ in size. Just for the fun of it we thought we’d check to see which boats were most popular with our readers. As you can see, the new Doral 235 captured the #1 spot and it is clear from this and other studies that our readers appreciate the sophisticated styling and classy international design elements that this boutique builder puts into its line. One would think that the small boats would capture the top spots, but surprisingly 5 of the 10 boats were 35’ or larger. Find out the other 9 top boats which caught our readers’ fancy --

Prop Repair

Making a Bad Prop Almost Good as New

damaged prop
You are looking at a prop that is damaged from a rock in the river. Believe it or not this prop can be put back into top condition.

If you have ever wondered what it takes to fix a damaged prop we have a series of pictures that shows the process better than words. With the cost of propellers going higher every year, repair is becoming more of desirable option if at all possible. Two weeks ago we published an article explaining how to determine if your props could be repaired. This week we will show you exactly how it is done. Seeing is believing -- fix your mouse

Safety Tip

10 Top
North American
Shark-Attack Beaches

 Shark Attack
Patrolling a beach by air is the best way to spot toothy critters. Look closely.

Shark attacks of people swimming from their boats is a fairly rare occurrence, and even less so these days since boaters (and cruise ships) generally no longer throw garbage overboard. Now, the real danger is to those land lubbers putting a toe in the water from beaches. In case you have friends who aren’t lucky enough to own a boat, you might warn them about these beaches -- bite your mouse

Boating Safety

Two Boaters
Lightning Strike

Lightning Strikes
Last week a father and son were fishing from their small boat on a freshwater lake when lightning struck. This happens more than you may think.

Ten people have been killed and 66 injured in the U.S. so far in 2009 by lightning strikes. World-wide over 100 people have been killed so far this year by lightning, with India, Bangladesh and Southeast Asia being the most hard-hit areas of the world. Over a dozen fishermen in boats have been killed so far this by lightning strikes in Southeast Asia alone. At least three American boaters have been struck this year, and all have survived. To find out what recently happened to a father and son incident and to read a general tutorial on lightning as it relates to boats -- strike the mouse

Fishing News

Canadian Gov. Fines Linda Greenlaw $31K

 Linda Greenlaw
Linda Greenlaw is the long-liner captain made famous by the book “The Perfect Storm” who was caught fishing in Canadian waters last year.

While we’ve never liked long-liners because they indiscriminately fleece the seas of billfish, particularly black marlin in the pacific and blue marlin on the U.S. East Coast, we have always admired Linda Greenlaw, the tough, no-nonsense (and smart) fishing boat captain who was immortalized by both the book and movie “The Perfect Storm.” She is just a darn good captain in the opinion of her peers, who are not a particularly charitable lot. While being the subject of a TV documentary film last year on a boat off Newfoundland, she was caught by the Canadian marine Mounties. Here’s what has happened to the lass --

Rental Clubs

Yamaha Starts Boat Rental Clubs in Japan

Boat Rental Clubs
This is a typical rental boat that Yamaha clubs offer members.

Boat sales have been slow in Japan for the last several years so Yamaha came up with the idea of boat clubs. The concept is to make boating affordable for the “average worker.” Membership fees only cost $50 and we are told that a day’s outing costs less than a round of golf on Japan’s links. We know that golf is expensive in Japan, but we like the idea. We have investigated several boat clubs around the U.S. and they seem to be working and are popular. See video about Japanese boat clubs --

Pirate News

Brits Blow Up
Somali Pirate Ship!

Pirates Surrender
Blown up Pirate Ship
That’s an outboard-powered pirate ship taken out by a British cruiser after the pirates were taken off the vessel.

Recently Spanish helicopter spotted two pirate vessels ready to jump a merchant freighter and called in a British cruiser. The Brits manned RIBs and interdicted the buccaneers, which was about all they were worth (buck-an-ear). After taking the bad boys off, they blew up the vessel and then let the lads go for “lack of evidence.” If all of this sounds absurd to you, watch the video --

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PWC News

Aussie Plans Sea-Doo PWC
Ride from London to Sydney

We’re calling it “The Run for the Roos”, a planned 17,000-mile trip on two Sea-Doo PWCs.

People have rowed across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, so why not take a couple of PWCs from London to Sydney to raise money for charity as well as a few quid to cover expenses, of which there will be many. The trip was planned to start this month, but Jeremy Burfoot, an airline pilot for Quantas who lives in New Zealand, has decided to postpone it until next July due to “the unfavourable economic environment in 2009.” But the run is “definitely” scheduled for July 20, 2010. Burfoot is no beginner at PWC riding, having taken a “warm up and shakedown” 9,000 km, 19 day trip around New Zealand in 2006. First it was Earthrace setting the Round the World Powerboat Record by a Kiwi, now this. Can’t people just be happy living Down Under on dry land? Burfoot will also be commemorating the 223rd anniversary of the “First Fleet” going to Australia to colonize it with 717 convicts, including 180 women (we bet they were happy lot). To see the route and find out more about this adventure --

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Capt. Steve's Lesson #41

How to Anchor Your Boat

How to Anchor Your Boat 
Anchors come in different types and sizes, but they’re all designed to do the same thing; hold on to the bottom and keep you in place.

This week Capt. Steve goes over nine new lessons and guidelines on the different types of anchors and anchoring procedures. Capt. Steve will go over the criteria in selecting a good spot to anchor, how to correctly set an anchor and the step-by-step process to ensure the anchor is secured to the bottom. Anchoring your boat in a secluded spot for the day or just off the shoreline is a lot of fun and more boaters should experience the freedom of being on the hook rather than tied up dockside. These are basic procedures which all recreational boaters should be aware of. The videos presented this week are part of Capt. Steve’s USCG-approved boating course called “Smart Boating.” Watch Capt. Steve's video boating lessons every week on

View this week’s lessons --

View past lessons --

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