The Bertram 540 Is Different Inside - 06/10/2009
Bertram 540 Bertram 540 Bertram 540
The Bertram 540 convertible is different: the settee is forward, there are three windshields across the front of the salon to let in lots of light, and the galley is aft with a view of the cockpit and that 40-knot wake.

In the last issue, if you’ll recall, Capt. Steve took us offshore for his test of the Bertram 540 convertible. This week he takes us inside the 540 to show us what Bertram has done differently there – and there is quite a bit! Bertram has banished the dark, claustrophobic cave-like feeling that many convertibles have, and has let the sunshine in across the front of their salon. They have also moved the galley aft so the cook can see the cockpit action and pass sandwiches out the window. Bertram has remembered what the word “convertible” means – as in it “converts” to either cruising or fishing. To see all of this and more and to get Capt. Steve’s take on the new Bertram 540 -- bait your mouse 

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