The New Tahoe 215 Xi Can Do Most Anything - 06/03/2009

   Tahoe 215 Xi Tahoe 215 Xi
You may think this is the new Tahoe 215 IO deckboat, but what you are actually looking at is a four-ring circus on water. You can be the Ring Master for $29,935 anywhere in the USA, they tell us.

We don’t think there are any better pictures in this issue that better capture what boating is all about than the two above. There is nothing like being on that special body of water where family moments are locked into memory. Because the folks who build Tahoe are affiliated with Bass Pro Shoppes, one of the nation’s largest outdoor retail operations, it is as if the builder is in touch with its customers every day. That’s why Tahoe knows what people want, what they do on their boats, and how much they can afford to pay. That’s why they have made this watersports platform not only beautiful, but also one of the most functional, versatile deckboats we have ever seen. We asked Capt. Steve to check it out for us. Here’s his report--

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