Get Rid of the Chamois - 06/03/2009
 Shurhold Water Blade
Shurhold's Water Blade makes drying
your boat easier.

Drying your boat after washing can be a bit of a pain. Chamois are a big help, but you still need to keep wringing them out all the time and can’t stick them on a handle. We gave the Water Blade from Shurhold a workout and have to agree with their claims. The team at Shurhold tells us that because of the design and the materials "It just wipes away water" and that it is "Safe on all boat surfaces." Well it did make the drying process go much faster when we used it, and there were no signs of marks or scratches on any of the surfaces we use it on. The Shurhold system has a holder that the water blade simply slides into. The holder clips onto their handle system with ease, and you can adjust the angle any way you like. In our opinion, another quality product that delivers what it promised.  Learn more about the Water Blade and the entire Shurhold system--