Glastron DX 215 Deckboat Has a Unique Layout - 06/03/2009
The deckboat is a relatively new specie of sportboat and we think that Glastron has just given the type a nice evolution in the right direction. Its designers have recently applied some outside the box thinking and created a deckboat that answers the practical needs of a family watersports platform – privacy and ease of transom egress. This boat has the largest changing room/head we’ve ever seen on a 21-footer. Now the kids and Mom will have a comfortable and private space in which to change. We think this boat has some of the more important advantages of a cuddy with all of the advantages of a bowrider. It’s nice to see things get shaken up now and then, and more often than not, new ideas become the norm.

Glastron DX 215
The DX 215 is well balanced with room for four people in the bow and four in the cockpit. It also has the largest head we’ve seen on a 21-footer.

Everyone Move Forward Please…

If you take a close look at the layout of Glastron’s DX 215 you’ll notice that this boat is different. (Hurray!) The windshield and dual consoles are moved slightly aft giving it much more gathering and entertaining room in the bow than is typical, while at the same time it also gives the boat a racier profile.

Glastron DX 215 Helm
A smart looking panel with full instrumentation. Notice the blower switch right next to the ignition where it belongs. Hard to forget running that before starting. We like the glare shield just above the gauges. The helm seat is an adjustable SuspensionAire bucket seat with flip-up bolster as standard.

Viva La Difference!!!

We like the balanced distribution of seating on the DX 215 which is roughly equally divided between the bow and the cockpit. Have it your way – 4 and 4, 3 and 3, or 2 and 2. But when it comes to lunch when you’re on the hook, that will be in the bow, the optional pedestal table goes there. So often when a boat is underway, people sit in the bow to feel the wind and experience the speed better. Typically, only two people get to enjoy the ride from there and the rest have to watch the show from out of the sides. With this boat, as many as four people can be up forward and the excitement gets spread around.

Glastron DX 215 Run
Check out the optional extended swim platform. That keeps your swimmers well clear of the outdrive when jumping in. Notice the aft cleats are up high and out of the way of bare feet. You can see the concealed ladders both fore and aft, and both are standard.

On the Hook

Okay, so underway, the new layout has merit. Now let’s stop the boat and drop the hook. Where is the crowd on your boat? In the bow? The stern? Both places? It doesn’t make any difference because you have plenty of room both bow and stern on this watersports platform. And with the DX 215, when nature calls, you’ll be happy to find an incredibly large head. It also makes a great changing room and we guarantee that this space will get well used.

Glastron DX 215 Head
This is one of the largest head/changing room we’ve ever seen on a 21’ boat. The Porta-Potti is optional.

Just a Few Options

If you like the forward thinking of the layout, there’s more good news. Glastron put almost all their options into the standard basket, and nothing on the options list that doesn’t belong there, with two exceptions… the bow table is one. It’s still a deckboat and we’ve yet to see one get utilized without a table, so we’d like to see that slide over to the standard side too.
The optional swim platform is another “must” in our opinion, even if you are not going to swim from the boat or get involved with towing sports. It’s big enough to use for sun bathing, dangling your legs in the water at sundown while you’re having a cold one with your good bud, or a place where you can send little Johnny to fish while you’re at anchor. For $100 you can get a Porta-Potti at West Marine. Standards on the DX 215 include EZ Loader trailer, SuspensionAire bucket seats with flip-up bolster, bow filler cushion, docking lights, concealed ladders both fore and aft, a woodgrain steering wheel, snap-in carpet, bimini top and courtesy lights -- many of these items are typically found on the options list on other boats. Kudos to Glastron on that score.

Power Options

Engines are another matter, and with so many choices, there needs to be options here. Standard power is 220-hp in either Merc or Volvo Penta. Choose what you prefer, and/or what you can get serviced locally. Take a look at our tests of other sportboats and check out their performance with different engines. Engine options can take you up to 300-hp with dual props and be expensive, so you need to get it right. The best way to do that is to schedule your own DX 215 test ride with your local Glastron dealer. Tell him how you are going to use the boat and how many people will be aboard. He’ll be happy to guide you to the right engine package.

Glastron’s “real deal” pricing for this boat package is $35,454 with the 220-hp 5.0 GL Volvo Penta, and custom matched EZ-Loader trailer.

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