Meridian 580’s Range: 766 or 324 Nautical Miles? - 05/27/2009
Meridian Yachts 580 Steve on the Meridian Yachts 580
Capt. Steve wrings out the Meridian 580 motoryacht during a long day of testing. But what is its “best cruise” speed?

Capt. Steve spent the better part of a day testing and carefully going over every inch of the Meridian 580 before he made the videos presented here. After the speed trials were done he and the president of BoatTEST got into a lively debate as to what is the “best cruise” speed for this 60,000 lb. vessel. Capt. Steve maintained that a displacement speed of 8.6 knots was better than most “expedition” yachts make so that should qualify and it gives the boat a 766 nautical mile range on 90% fuel capacity. Our company’s president maintained that Meridian owners wouldn’t use the boat that way and would more likely cruise the boat at 20.1 knots, giving her a 324 nm range. We’d like to know which way our readers would use the boat so we can report the “best cruise” speed accordingly. Please email your answer to:

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