Bertram 540: Capt. Steve Tests the New Bertram 540 Convertible - 05/27/2009
Bertram 540
The 540 has a very sharp entry at 44-degrees and a deadrise at the transom of 16-degrees. Notice the level ride. Bow rise at cruise was only 5 degrees. Great for visibility.

The original Bertram 54, which came out in 1984, was arguably the best convertible Bertram built in its glory days that ended about 20 years ago. The 10% Luxury Tax rocked the company to its foundations in 1991 and it was sold, sold again, wandered in the wilderness, and then in 1998 the Ferretti Group finally bought it. Ferretti began a process of renovation and renewal that reached full circle with the introduction of the Bertram 540. The Ferretti Group is building a slightly different kind of Bertram, one more for a sophisticated sportsman, a man who takes good fishability for granted, but who also wants a luxurious cruising boat and a classy entertainment venue all rolled up in one marquis brand. Enter the all new Bertram 540. We think she’s a lot better than the old 54 and we’ll tell you why --

See video of the 540 test in the Gulf Stream --