Not All Brushes Are the Same - 05/20/2009
Marine Mate
Marine Mate deck brushes are specially made for fiberglass decks and topsides.

One might think that something as simple as a brush would not have to be specially made for use on a boat. But one would be wrong. In fact, you can’t just run down to Ace Hardware and get a brush that has been made specifically for cleaning jobs on fiberglass decks and topsides. What you need is a Marine Mate brush with specially made “split end” soft fibers that won’t scratch your delicate gelcoat, but which will hold lots of soap and water and get your fiberglass surfaces clean without causing microscopic scratches. The Marine Mate brush comes with a 48” long screw-in handle. Any boat crew will tell you that “Many hands make light work,” so you should always have at least two of these brushes on hand to wash down your topsides after a day on the water. To find Marine Mate brushes go to West Marine or visit their website to order --