The Maxum 3700 SY Has A Lot to Offer - 05/13/2009

With stiff competition in the Sport Yacht market, some builders are just content with simply trying to continue production of what they have and maybe throw in a few minor cosmetic changes to differentiate between model years and hope for the best. At Maxum, they’ve rolled up their sleeves and made their 3700SY a force to be reckoned with. We asked Capt. Steve to give it a “look/see” and tell us what he thought.

Maxum 3700 SY
With a Length Overall of 37’2” and a beam of 13’ you won’t see a lot of guests bumping into each other in this roomy Sport Yacht.

Capt. Steve Says…

It’s interesting how your boating needs and desires change as you grow older. When I was a kid, fast and furious was all I needed to get by. As I aged, a bowrider allowed me to take more friends with me and cruising meant putting up the camper canvas, loading up a cooler with food and we were set for the weekend. Then I got married. Now, Sport Yachts seem to have more appeal than my 2 seat Grady White Invader ever did. So when I brought my wife and daughter to check out the 3700SY, there was a little bit more than “hmmmm another weekender” in our minds. Boats need more functionality to keep us interested and they have to be comfortable as well as good looking. Maxum’s 3700SY had all the ingredients to peak not only my interest, but even tougher critics standing by my side as well.

Build a Boat and Friends Will Come

As an entertaining platform, the 3700SY has a lot to offer. The usual sound system and lighting is nice, but for a real intimate gathering, U-seating in the cockpit is hard to beat. Add her spacious swim platform and transom shower and we’re enjoying a day on the hook well into the night.


Maxum 3700 SY
Notice how the transom compartment doors open from the top! This makes it a lot easier to access them without stepping way back. Check out the extended swim platform. Notice the shore power outlets and the notched door for the cord.

Moving below, there’s plenty of space here as well. I liked the curved settee and even more than that, the removable table. That really open up the salon/galley area and it makes sense to have a removable table here. I can’t think if a time that we all sat at that table for a meal, and if that’s the case for you too, then so much the better. There are two staterooms, forward is an island berth, the aft is tucked against the bulkheads, so there’s a little climbing over your partner to get into this one. There’s also an “L” shaped seat for giving you a spot to sit and relax, or put the deck shoes on before heading topside. A single head completes the weekend away picture.


Maxum 3700 SY
Since few people actually eat down below, the removable table is a welcome sight, and it really opens up the salon/galley. Check out the master stateroom with plenty of light and storage. I'd bring the teak sole all the way across the salon and save the carpet for the staterooms.


When it comes time to head back to, or for that matter, away from, the dock, the subdued lighting of the cockpit courtesy lights allow for night operations without adding night blindness. The helm is very comfortable with dual seats and flip up bolsters and thankfully, Maxum didn’t ruin this boat with stern drives. That’s a debatable point among captains but for me, I can control a boat in close quarters far better with shafts and rudders than with stern drives, and when you get over 30’, that’s when I’d rather leave the stern drives off all boats altogether.

I’m also a fan of separate controls for engines and transmissions, but the public disagrees with me so no points off for Maxum for single controls. The good news is that they are to starboard, where they belong for best visibility when docking.

Her standard engines are a pair of 320-hp MPI but you can opt for a pair of T-8.1L HO at 420-hp if you need more get up and go. When deciding, also consider that she’s a heavy boat, weighing in at 19,320 lbs. That puts her 2000-5000 lbs over her closest competitors so the extra horsepower may be appropriate.

The upshot is that more weight and more than 2’ of additional beam over the competition means a better handling boat, more stability, better riding, more comfort, and a lot more room. A test drive would serve to impress.

You can schedule one here.

Visit the builder’s website here.