Offshore Motoryacht Newsletter - 05/14/2009
Offshore Motoryacht Newsletter May 13, 2009 If you cannot view the newsletter, click here. Tests You Can Trust
- The Good Life
- Making a Trojan 10 M Better
- Four Winns New V408
- Fleming 65 Shakedown Cruise
- Formula 353 FastTech
- Hargrave Reduces Cash Required
- Maxum 3700SY Has A Lot
- Meridian 441 Sedan Seduces
- Maintenance's 7 Deadly Sins
- BoatTEST Certified Special Find
- Ethanol Fiasco-- Last Chance
- Marine Web Services
- Water Rescue Russian Style
- Get Involved with Pirates
- P-Mate Tested by BoatTEST
- Aussie Builder in Receivership
- Capt. Steve's Weekly Lesson
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The Good Life Was Never More Affordable

Good Life
Memories with family and friends are what boating is all about. Now is the best time to go for that boat you have always wanted.

Last winter we wrote that 2009 would be the best year in history for boat buying. Events over the last three months have proved that prediction true, and it has become, in fact, far better than we ever imagined. As the president of one boat company told us last week, “Be careful what you offer for a boat, you may own it.” Prices of new and non-current boats are pretty much at dealers’ invoices and in some cases are even lower. Some companies are selling boats just to raise cash, and discounts are jaw-dropping. On the used boat scene, prices have been dropping every month and there are lots of boats for sale in nearly every size, type and price range. If you ever planned on buying a boat, or getting a larger one, or a better one, now is the time to act. To get our advice on how to work this market to your advantage --

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Repowering a Trojan 10 Meter
with Yanmar Diesels

Trojan 10 Trojan 10 M
 The Trojan 10 Meter debuted the summer of 1980 and set the U.S. boating market on its ear with Harry Schoell’s European styling both topside and down below.

It's hard to believe these days, but in the early 1980s most boat builders were still building powerboats that had evolved only slightly from the early days of fiberglass boat building in the 1960s.  In those days plugs were typically built of wood and curves were few and not much more than you could bend into some thin plywood. In other words, most power boats were pretty boxy. That is why when drawings of the Trojan’s radical new 10 Meter express appeared in a spring 1980 issue of Boating magazine many American boat builders gasped.  A couple actually called the magazine’s editorial offices complaining that touting such a design “as the wave of the future” would only make their squared off boats obsolete, and, by the way, they were cancelling their advertising. As the saying goes, the rest was history.  If you would like to find an old boat that is cheap to buy but has contemporary styling, the place to start looking is with the Trojan 10 Meter. Dozens of them are on the market from $18k to $40k.  Here’s how you make them better than new for a fraction of what you would pay for a new 32’ boat today --

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Second Look

Four Winns New V408
Redefines and Raises the Bar

Four Winns V408 
Her stylish lines and sleek character are the tip of the iceberg of what this boat has to offer. Her L.O.A. of 43’6” and beam of 13’4” also make an attractively sized package for any level of operator. Check out the hull windows, they blend in well and do a great job of letting in natural light.

When Capt. Steve saw the Four Winns V408 at the Ft. Lauderdale boat show, it was virtually “love at first sight”. Capt. Steve is probably our grumpiest captain, but he was actually smitten with the V408. In fact, the more he toured the clever innovations that this boat had to offer, the harder he fell for her. But being Capt. Steve, he still managed to find one thing he didn’t care for! How did this guy ever manage to find a girl he wanted to marry? So what’s wrong with this beautiful-looking boat?

Request viewing or sea trial

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Long Range Cruising

Fleming 65
Shakedown Cruise

Fleming Shakedown 
Tony Fleming has cruised over 20,000 nm in hull #1 of the Fleming 65 and along the way Tony learned a few things about his own boats. Fleming owners get the benefit.

With nearly 250 Flemings built and cruising the world since the first one was launched in 1986, the company continues to focus on refining and improving its three models. The first and most famous is the Fleming 55 and there are over 200 of this model on the water. Next came the 75, and finally in 2005 Fleming launched its 65. Tony Fleming, who calls himself “Ambassador at Large” decided to take hull #1 for himself and enjoy the cruising life he had been providing his customers for decades. If you are thinking about owning a long range cruising yacht, then Fleming is one of the brands you need to become acquainted with. Join us while we tag along with Tony Fleming on what he calls the “World’s Longest Shakedown Cruise” and learn a few things about the Fleming 65 --

Read review of the Fleming 65 --

Visit Fleming's website --

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Formula Ends Up
King of the Hill

Formula 353 FT 
The Formula 353 Fas3Tech has bloodlines that reach back to the beginning of the modern era of offshore racing -- and class, something often in short supply in high-performance boats.

As the boating industry faces its toughest challenge ever in the super-exclusive niche of high-performance boats, one brand is emerging as the ultimate survivor – Formula. Ironically, in 1962 the Formula 233 -- in large part -- started it all. It's direct descendent 47 years later is the Formula 353 Fas3Tech and it is perhaps the classiest, most reliable, and well-built high-performance boat on the water today. While the 353 is certainly adequately powered with a pair of 496 Mags pushing the 63-66 mph range, it can solidly handle power all the way up to twin 600-hp, and will approach 90 mph with the ITS drive setback application. To find out more about this sports car on the water and how fast the 353 went that we tested with twin 470-hp engines -- rush the mouse

See 353 Fas3Tech test and video --

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Hargrave News

Buy Now, Pay Later --
Hargrave Reduces Cash Required for
New Yacht Construction

Hargrave Hargrave
This beautiful 92’ Hargrave was built to the owner’s specs and is cruising eastern Australia and as far south as Tasmania. Now, 30% down ,the balance on delivery.

Most builders of custom motoryachts require a significant down payment at contract signing, and then continuous progress payments every few months as the boat’s construction moves along until the final payment usually about 10%, is due upon sea trial and acceptance. One of the reasons that Hargrave yachts are so popular right now is a little detail no one talks much about – the company has created the best payment program in the industry! To assist owners trying to manage their cash flow over the next year or two, Hargrave only requires 30% of the contracted price before work is begun and then does not ask for another dime until the boat has been sea trialed, accepted and is ready for delivery. That means that on a $3.0 million yacht project, $2.1 million is deferred to the very end of the contract when the boat is sea trialed and accepted. That’s just the half of it, read the rest of the story --

See video reviews of Hargrave yachts --

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Capt. Steve

The Maxum 3700 SY
Has A Lot to Offer

Maxum 3700 SY
With a length overall of 37’2” and a beam of 13’ you won’t see a lot of guests bumping into each other in this roomy Sport Yacht.

With stiff competition in the Sport Yacht market, some builders are just content with simply trying to continue production of what they have and maybe throw in a few minor cosmetic changes to differentiate between model years and hope for the best. At Maxum, they’ve rolled up their sleeves and made their 3700SY a force to be reckoned with. We asked Capt. Steve to give it a “look/see” and tell us what he thought. Check out his report here.

Closer Look

Meridian 441 Sedan
Seduces with Her Sexy Lines

Meridian 441
Don’t be fooled by the model number. With an integral swim platform and no bow pulpit, the Meridian 441 has a length overall of 47’2” and a generous 14’3” beam. Step inside and you’ll think that she’s even larger.

Meridian Yachts is a fairly new player in the yachting arena but it is fast becoming a major force, mostly due to their continual desire to upgrade their quality year after year. We’re not talking about the hull integrity or seaworthiness, they’ve already got that figured out… but “quality” in livability and design aesthetics are where some others can’t seem to get it right. Even Meridian’s smaller yachts have eye appeal that some others seem to lack. In our opinion, its midrange yachts have really nailed down the combination of comfort and style that add much to this brand’s growing popularity. We asked our pickiest team member, Capt. Steve, to check out the 441 and see if even he could find something not to like. Place your bets here --


7 Deadly Sins
Of Boat Maintenance

Shurhold Chemicals
Yacht-Brite cleaning products, by Shurhold, insure that you will not harm marine surfaces or the environment, yet still get your boat clean.

We can tell you right now that the #1 deadly sin of boat maintenance is “Procrastination and Neglect.” Environmental buildup – soot, carbon, dirt, mildew, mold, green scum – can damage your boat quicker than you think. Gel coat, wood, isinglass, and plastic are all porous and once they become impregnated sometimes it can be nearly impossible to clean them without ruining the surface. Neglecting maintenance will reduce the value of your boat and make it hard to keep clean. There are six other sins and they are not so obvious – in fact, our guess is that you have been using a few of these harmful products for years. Discover the other 6 deadly sins --

Visit Shurhold's website




Meridian Yachts

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yamaha pwc

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Member Services

BoatTEST Certified Special Find

Formula 330 SS 
Formula 330 SS
formula 353 FT
Formula 353 FASTech

The team at BoatTEST has spent the last few weeks searching for new and non-current boats which are exceedingly good values and are available at prices that you will not find anywhere else. You read that right -- this is the only place! If either of the boats above fit your needs and you have decided to buy, simply click on the model to see complete details.  Show me this buy --

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Ethanol Fiasco

Last Chance to Stop
E-15 – Or,
Your Engine is at Risk

Brian Williams
Brian Williams says that with 32% of U.S. corn crop going this year to ethanol productions food prices will rise further.

In early March, Growth Energy, an ethanol lobbying group, and 54 ethanol manufacturers, quietly asked the EPA for a waiver of the Clean Air Act so that a maximum of 15% ethanol could be added to gasoline. The EPA is entertaining the waiver and is accepting public comments until May 21st on the matter. Except for Mr. Williams’ recent TV report and a few newspaper articles, there has been little press coverage of this impending 50% increase in ethanol mix by EPA edict. Find out what is happening and how you can stop it -- News

Marine Web Services Uses BoatTEST Content

If you’ve ever wondered what “cyberspace” really looks like, this is it. links its content to more marine service suppliers, classified websites, and general marine websites than any other single marine news source. BoatTEST’s most recent partner is Marine Web Services. Marine Web Services (MWS), a marine dealer web site solutions provider, has partnered with to display video reviews specific to their new showroom inventory directly on their web sites. BoatTEST will make available to MWS dealers about 1,000 boat reviews from its ever-expanding video library. Now BoatTEST content is available on five of the world’s largest classified websites to aid in their research of boats consumers are considering for purchase. Find out more --

Noble News

Water Rescue
Russian Style

Helicopter Crash
Americans have gotten used to seeing the USCG choppers rescuing boaters in all sorts of conditions as if it is a piece of cake. It ain’t as these videos show.

Our traveling trusty reader Bill Noble is back from his South American cruise where he went boating in a big Zodiac RIB and on a large, single-screw motoryacht. We hope to receive a photo report from him soon. In the meantime he has been doing what he does 2nd best, which is surf the web for instructional videos and photos for our readers. This week he reminds us that rescue helicopter aviators put their lives on the line every time they take off and in the immortal words of former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfield, “Sometimes…shit happens.” To view three chopper videos --

Pirate Fiasco

Now YOU Can
Get Involved with
Pirate Fun

To Catch a Pirate
A new web-based video game is now available so that you can vent your frustration over the Somali pirate situation.

If you have been frustrated by the lack of U.S. Navy action, or NATO action, to take the Somali pirate situation in hand before it spreads all over the world, then you are not alone. There are many boaters all over the world who would like to blast those ex-goat herders to kingdom come. On the other hand, there may even be among our diverse Internet viewership some bleeding hearts who feel sorry for the plight of Somali unemployed who, like Robin Hood, are just trying to relieve the rich nations of what is for them mere chump change, to give to the poor. Whichever side you are on, a new Internet game will put you on the high seas and let you blast away--belay your mouse.

New Product

P-Mate Tested By BoatTEST Staff

These three photos show the P-Mate in all of its revolutionary splendor. All testers agreed that it is anatomically correct. But did it work?

Given all of the complaining we have heard from women over the years about how men were much better adapted for small boats than women, we were a bit surprised that the female members of the BoatTEST staff did not jump on the P-Mate testing project with a little more alacrity. After all, this was their chance to even up the score. There was actually some grumbling among a couple of staffers as if asking an employee to pee in a small paper device (in private!) might be contrary to the spirit of the Equal Employment Act (would we have to ask male staffers to test it, too?) To find out if this device is actually revolutionary or just revolting -- shake your mouse.

Industry News

Riviera Yachts 
In Receivership

A 56’ Riviera is one of 22 models ranging from a 36 sport yacht to a 70 enclosed flybridge convertible built by the company.

Directors of Australian boatbuilder Riviera have called in receivers in the hope that the company can continue trading and to restructure in order to survive the current economic downturn, it was reported Monday by IBI, an industry trade newsletter. Riviera is Australia's largest production boatbuilder and operates a facility in Coomera in southeast Queensland. For the last 30 years they have built flybridge boats, offshore express models and sport yachts, exporting around 50 percent of its annual production to a dealer network spanning more than 30 countries. For more information --

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Capt. Steve's Lesson #36

 Be Responsible
Environmentally Friendly

Capt. Steve

Do your part in conserving the environment and protecting marine life,
by disposing garbage and raw water properly.

This week Capt. Steve goes over twelve new lessons and guidelines on being a responsible boater when it comes to garbage disposal, and discharging any raw water overboard. There are different restrictions for different areas and everyone must do their part in obeying the rules. Just because your garbage is starting to pile up doesn’t mean you can throw it overboard. Same goes for your marine toilet. You must discharge your waste according to your area's rules and regulations. These videos are basic procedures which all recreational boaters should be aware of. The videos presented this week are part of Capt. Steve’s USCG-approved boating course called “Smart Boating.” Watch Capt. Steve's video boating lessons every week on

To view this week’s lessons --

To view past lessons --

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