New Regal 2100 Throws Down the Gauntlet - 05/06/2009

Regal claims in its introductory promotional download that its all-new 2100 sportboat will “set the benchmark for small runabouts in every significant category.” Normally our eye quickly passes over that sort of promotional hype. But Regal management means what it's promotion is saying: “With hundreds of models in the 19’ to 22-foot sportboat segment, each using nearly identical claims, how to tell when a new model truly stands apart?” Then they answer their own question listing four criteria: “Best Performing,” “Most Comfortable,” “Most Innovative,” and “Highest Quality.” We can’t wait to test this boat and find out if Regal is walking the talk.

Regal 2100
The all new Regal 2100 RX comes in 38 different gelcoat color schemes.

The all-new -- from the keel up -- Regal 2100 is 21’ LOA with an 8’6” beam, weighs 3400 lbs. and has a 20-degree deadrise. It has a FasTrac hull design which Regal has been using with success for over ten years and it has proven itself to be slightly faster both on Regal hulls and on other brands which use a variation on the concept. And at 3400 lbs. it is the 4th lightest hull of nine models we checked, all of which have a deadrise at the transom of from 18-degrees to 21-degrees. So on the subject of “Best Performing,” it will certainly be a horserace, between the 2100 and its competition.

As far as the other criteria go, we’ll let our testing captain weigh in as comfort, innovation and quality are all fairly subjective and need an in-depth look – something that a number of builders would rather avoid; but not Regal which has scheduled a test for the near future.

While you’re waiting to see our test video and captain’s comments, take a look at some of the boat’s more obvious features--

Regal 2100
The topsides have been designed by an Italian design firm called T4. The “gull wing” storage access port and starboard of the engine is certainly a new twist.

Regal 2100
We like the analog gauges on the carbon fiber dash above the mahogany panel for the rocker switches.

Regal 2100
There are a number of interesting details in this photo, including the stereo remote control, speaker placement, and classy covering of the swim platform and step to the side deck. Note the slight diagonal cuts in the transom quarter to give the lines an edgier style. We hope this man has SPF 50 on his dome.

Regal 2100
Both the cover and the bimini come standard on the 2100 RX so you can leave her out on a mooring or dockside without any problem.

Regal 2100
So much for sleek Italian styling. We don’t know what the boys at T4 would think of this cruising canvas, but we like it. It is high so you can stand up inside, it lengthens the season, and if your guests are afraid they will melt if it rains, you can reassure them. FYI—Never open the aft flap while running due to the possibility of the station wagon effect.

If you can’t wait for our captain’s full report on the new Regal 2100, then why not make an appointment for a test drive it yourself – and let us know what you think…

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