Capt. Steve Looks at the Bertram 360 - 04/29/2009

Capt. Steve looks at a boat the way a working professional captain looks at a boat. That’s because he is one. And if you’ve ever known a professional captain you know that they don’t have much patience for Mickey Mouse stuff (Sorry, Mickey.) The reason is that cheap stuff breaks and poorly designed boats make the captain’s job even harder. Capt. Steve doesn’t put up with much marketing hype either, and is sort of like Dragnet’s Detective Friday -- “Just the facts, Mam.” There are a number of express fishboats on the market in this size range, so let’s hear what Capt. Steve has to say about the Bertram 360 --

Bertram 360 Open
The Bertram 360 can be a fishboat or day cruiser anywhere in the world.