The Complete Solution Accessories Kit - 04/29/2009
Shurhold Products manufactures “The Complete Solution” handle and accessories kit for your Boat and RV. With beautiful sunshine and 88 degree weather we decided to test this product and some of its 40+ attachments. Did it perform as advertised?

Shurhold Products
New Boater Kit

The core of the system is the American-made aluminum handle, which Shurhold tells us is triple anodized and heat treated for strength and to prevent corrosion. For our test we used one of the telescoping handles which was 40” collapsed and 72” without an attachment when extended. You can also order a version that will adjust from 60” to 108”. The release detent is large and the inner extension has a red line painted on it to make adjustments a snap. This is all part of the exclusive SHUR-LOK quick release system, which, for the purpose of this test, passed with ease.

Shurhold Products- Lines
Red mark makes for easy alignment when adjusting.

We added the Curved Adapter and the soft deck brush and got to work cleaning up after a great day on the water. Now any of you who do your boating in the Long Island Sound are probably familiar with the interesting residues left behind, so we used the Yacht Brite “Brite Wash” boat soap to remove the residue.

Shurhold Products- Brush
Installing the large, soft deck brush.

Clicking around from the brush to the “Water Sprite” mop to the flexible water blade, we completed our clean-up within thirty minutes. Shurhold offered up to forty different attachments including eleven types of brushes, hooks, paddles, mops and fishing accessories like nets, gaff and taggers.

Shurhold Products- Mop
Water Sprite mop in action.

Test Results:

• Handle is easy to use, rugged, and accessories attach with ease.

• The brush has a good sized surface area to help the job go faster, but more importantly, the bristles get into all the different surfaces, nooks, textured decking, and areas of hardware.

• The flexible Water Blade™ was excellent for drying smooth surfaces, and the adjustable adapter made it easy to get every part of the hull and have the blade at the optimum angle. The entire blade conforms to all surfaces very well.

• Now we also put the handle system through a bit of a stress test, albeit unintentionally when one of our crew exited the boat. As they stepped back off the trailer, they landed right on top of the handle with the curved adapter and Water Blade still attached. We are happy to report that the application of a 225 pound person did not bend the handle nor did it impact the telescoping action. With what seems like everyone and their brother selling boat care products you never know if what you buy is worth it. Well, BoatTEST can confirm that the Shurhold products are well worth it and work as advertised.

Shurhold Products- Blade
Attaching and adjusting the flexible Water Blade.