Offshore Newsletter - 04/29/2009
Offshore Motoryacht Newsletter April 29, 2009 If you cannot view the newsletter, click here. Tests You Can Trust
- Farmers Lobby EPA for 15%
- New Kadey-Krogen 55
- BoatTEST Certified Special
- Hydra-Sports 4100 Vector SF
- Seakeeper's Gyro Installed
- Own the Impossible Dream
- Viking Yachts/Princess Marriage
- Fleming 65 for Worldwide Cruising
- Meridian's Docking On Command
- Tested: "The Complete Solution"
- Second Look: Bertram 360
- Buy with Confidence
- Regal 52 Still Going Strong
- Awesome Navy Slideshow
- Short History on Maritime Safety
- Capt. Steve's Weekly Lesson
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Farmers Lobby EPA
For 15% Ethanol

Ethanol 1 Hatteras 60 GT
The chipped valve in the left pix was caused by a lean ethanol mix. The picture on the right shows where the resin that ethanol dissolved from a fuel tank ended up. The valve on the left won’t seat properly and should look more like the valve on the right.

Not satisfied by the high food prices that 10% Ethanol gasoline has wrought, the farmers and ethanol-makers are now petitioning the EPA to approve 15% ethanol on the way to 25%. Not only will this raise the price of food stuffs in the U.S., it will ruin most marine engines. Ethanol 3Not one engine manufacturer approves the use of their engines with gasoline with a mixture greater than 10% ethanol. There are 18 million boats currently in operation in the U.S., and none of them have been designed, certified or warrantied to run on anything above E10. Already, with just 10% ethanol, the engine makers are inundated with service and repair problems that have stretched their reduced staffs to the breaking point. Boaters across America have had to pay for new carburetors, seals, O-rings, valves and fuel tank replacements. Unless all boaters act swiftly and with passion, the well-financed ethanol lobby will steamroll the EPA into 15% ethanol. Last year boaters were able to defeat an onerous EPA measure in Congress, and this year we again call on you to register your thoughts again to defeat the 15% ethanol proposal. Sign up here (it will only take 30 seconds, and you will NOT be spammed) --

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Motoryacht News

New Kadey-Krogen 55
Heads to the Bahamas

Kadey-Krogen 55
Hull# 1 of the new Kadey-Krogen 55 was introduced to the world at the Stuart Trawler Fest and at the Miami Boat Show, and is in the Bahamas as you read this.

The Kadey-Krogen's 55' Expedition is being built by Asia Harbor Yacht Builders, the exclusive Taiwan builder of all Kadey-Krogen yachts. The new 55' is every inch a classic Kadey-Krogen vessel, but she also shows some new design influences that take the vessel beyond the Robert Beebe-influenced roots of the Kadey-Krogens that date to 1977 when the company was founded by Jim Krogen. All current production Kadey-Krogen trawler yachts are proven bluewater passagemakers, and the Krogen 55' should be no exception with a range of well over 3000 miles at 8 knots. At 9 knots she can travel non-stop from Annapolis to Antigua. She carries 1800 gallons of fuel and is powered by twin John Deere 6068 TFM M1 Tier 2 engines, each rated at 158 HP.  Learn more about the 55 --

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Boat Builders

BoatTEST Certified Special Find

Formula 370 SS
Formula 34 PC

The team at BoatTEST has spent the last few weeks searching for new and non-current boats which are exceedingly good values and are available at prices that you will not find anywhere else. If either of the boats above fit your needs and you have decided to buy, simply click on the model to see complete details.  Full details

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Hydra-Sports News

Hydra-Sports 4100 Vector Sport Fish
41.7 GPH at 35 MPH

Hydra-Sports 4100 VSF 
A purpose built fishing machine that has so many features, it will not only keep the customers moving up happy, but the guys moving down from the larger sportsfishermen as well.

When Capt. Steve put the 4100 through her paces, he reported back that the best cruise for this fishing machine was at 34.9 MPH where she burned 41.7 GPH of fuel giving her a range of 475 miles. But the numbers aren’t the whole story, there is much more behind this Kevlar®-reinforced, handlaid fiberglass, all-composite hull, offshore fish hunter, and it has to do with the way she handles. Start her up here --

Apply for VIP Demo at Plantation Boat Mart in Islamorada, FL
Request a Price Quote

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Anti-Roll Device

The Seakeeper Anti-Roll Gyro System Is
Picking Up Momentum Among Boat Builders

Captain Steve explains the advantages of Seakeeper's Anti-Roll Gyro system.

Even for people who rarely get mal de mer, constant rolling on a long passage can be physically exhausting, because of the isometrics involved with holding on and bracing oneself. For years the only solution to rolling were hydraulically-actuated external stabilizing fins and flopper stoppers, those ungainly booms and wires seen on trawler rigs. But we’re now in the 21st century and Seakeeper gyro-stabilizers have been installed on 18 different boat brands. Four major and respected builders now have added Seakeeper to their official list of options: Azimut, Fairline, Princess and Ocean Alexander. This is an important endorsement for a new and revolutionary product. When buying a boat or retrofitting an old one, deciding between stabilizing fins and a Seakeeper Anti-Roll Gyro can be a difficult decision. Here are some things to think about --

See Capt. Steve’s video on Seakeeper --

See Capt. Rob’s video on Seakeeper --

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How to Own the “Impossible Dream!”

There are over 50 Hatteras 53 Convertibles from 1980 to 1990 currently on the market from $195k to $400k.

If you would like to own a new, large, seaworthy convertible that is selling anywhere from $1.8 million to $4 million, but you know you’ll never be able to afford it, recent events may have put that dream – or something close to it – within realistic reach. An interesting thing has happened in the last nine months. First, most convertibles built in the 1980s were powered by (now-obsolete) Detroit Diesel 2-stroke engines which were selling at a discount far greater than their age would indicate on the used boat market. Then, last summer, high fuel prices caused large boats to be discounted farther. Finally, the economic decline the last six months has caused many used boats to fall another 30%. The cumulative effect of this has been to make some classic 1980s convertibles so inexpensive, that they can be repowered with Yanmar diesels and still only cost from 15% to 30% of similar brand new models – and go faster and burn less fuel than they did the day they were new some 20 to 30 years ago. Join us as we show you the dollars and sense of repowering a 1984 Hatteras 52. You may yet be able to have that boat you’ve always dreamed about -- 

Watch BoatTEST's Yanmar repower video --

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Motoryacht News

The Viking Yachts/Princess Marriage

The 95 Motor Yacht is the flagship of the Viking Sports Cruisers' line. 
Shown above is the largest yacht in Viking Sport Cruiser's V series-- the V85.

The world is changing rapidly now and no aspect of it is changing faster than the microcosm of the recreational boating industry. In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, boating wasn’t even a footnote. Yet in America alone there must be something on the order of 18 million people – 6% of the population – that are so addicted to the water that they must be on it, or else suffer agonizing withdrawals. And those pains are evidently worse than the discomfort we suffer (economically and emotionally) with the sport. One of the companies on this side of the Atlantic that first saw the future and took steps to get infront of the curve was Viking Yachts. In 1995 it joined with Princess Yachts in Plymouth, England to create a brand and a business marriage that may prove to be over a decade ahead of its time. To find out what happened and what it means to the large motoryacht consumer --

Visit builder's website--

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Boat Review

Fleming 65 for
Worldwide Cruising

Fleming 65
The Fleming 65 is designed and equipped to take you nearly anywhere you want to go.

In 2006, hull #1 of the Fleming 65 arrived in San Diego and became the personal vessel of none other than Tony Fleming, the man who started the company in 1985. Tony had decided that he was going to take this boat on the longest shakedown cruise in history. Now, three years later, 20,000 miles have past under the boat’s keel and Tony has written an account of his cruise from Alaska to Nova Scotia which we will serialize in the next issues of Offshore Motoryacht, but first let’s take a look at this very special vessel. editor Jeff Hammond takes a look at the Fleming 65 --

Request a sea trial

Meridian News

Capt. Steve Demos
"Docking On Command"

Docking On Command
Capt. Steve reminds us of what docking is like without Meridian’s new “Docking On Command” system.

When boaters move up into large motoryachts it is only natural that they have apprehensions about docking – particularly in a strong cross wind or cross current situation when there is only 6” of clearance on either side of the boat. The solution was introduced several years ago when Volvo Penta introduced the IPS pod drive system with joystick. Later joystick systems came out for other brands of diesels and then gas engines and still later for stern drives, too. But what wasn’t talked about much was how much more the pods and the joystick technology cost, which was as much as an additional $25k in some boats. Meridian Yachts has had a solution for the last year that solved both the difficulty of docking, and the high cost problem with a system called “Docking On Command.” It is simply a bow thruster and a stern thruster built into the boat with an easy-to-visualize control mechanism at the helm. Capt. Steve gives you a video demonstration and his opinion of how it measures up against pod drives --

See tests of all Meridian boats --



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yamaha pwc

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Product Test

"The Complete Solution"
Accessories Kit


Shurhold Products manufactures “The Complete Solution” handle and accessories kit for your boat and RV.  With beautiful sunshine and 88 degree weather we decided to test this product and some of its 40+ attachments.  Did it perform as advertised? Swab your deck here.

Shurhold Logo 

Second Look

Capt. Steve Looks
at the Bertram 360

Bertram 360 Open
The Bertram 360 can be a fishboat or day cruiser anywhere in the world.

Capt. Steve looks at a boat the way a working professional captain looks at a boat. That’s because he is one. And if you’ve ever known a professional captain you know that they don’t have much patience for Mickey Mouse stuff (Sorry, Mickey.) The reason is that cheap stuff breaks and poorly designed boats make the captain’s job even harder. Capt. Steve doesn’t put up with much marketing hype either, and is sort of like Dragnet’s Detective Friday -- “Just the facts, Mam.” There are a number of express fishboats on the market in this size range, so let’s hear what Capt. Steve has to say about the Bertram 360 --

Buying with Confidence

Factory-Backed Program

Bayliner 340
Bayliner 340- Location: Florida
Many people feel apprehensive about committing to a new boat purchase especially in our current economic climate. That is why Bayliner and Maxum have partnered with to create the Factory-Backed program. This program is a way in which boaters can feel absolutely confident that the factory is behind the deal and working very closely with your local dealer to ensure world class service and special pricing on a new Bayliner or Maxum. If the Bayliner 340 or the Maxum 3100 SE fits your needs, click on the appropriate image.  If you are located outside these two areas, but would like to participate in this program, start here.

Maxum 3100
Maxum 3100 SE- Location: California

Regal News

Regal's 52
Still Going Strong

Regal 52 Sport Coupe
Regal’s clever designers managed to pack a lot of features into the 52 Sport Coupe.

Its long overhangs both fore and aft stretch the boat to its 52-foot length, and she weighs only 34,000 lbs., nevertheless she packs more into her footprint than most express cruisers manage these days. The Regal 52 Sport Coupe (formerly called the 5260) has a mid cabin with full standing head room, a roomy salon below with electric lounge seats and Star Trek-like controls, a large bridge deck with a helm seat that is electric, large windshields that allow you to stand at the helm with the sky light closed, and a garage aft for a small dinghy. Those are just a few things that 52 Sport Coupe has.

Charity Hughes takes us through the interior--

Come along as Capt. Steve checks out the helm--

Watch detailed video about the garage-- 

Arrange a test drive

Marine Safety

The World’s
Last Frontier:
The High Seas

Maritime History
Protecting the high seas from the people who use it is another mission of the USCG.

We may think of the world’s oceans as a harsh environment, but they are actually more delicate than we know. And with the world’s population estimated to double in the next 40 years, who is going to manage the common “ground”, i.e. the high seas, that we all must share. This week we present the third video in the four-part series of videos made by USCG Rear Admiral James A. Watson, Director of Prevention Policy for Marine Safety. Previously Rear Admiral Watson was Chief of Staff of the Seventh Coast Guard District, so he is very aware of the real world problems facing both commercial and recreational mariners today. Our caps are off to this fine public servant for making these videos on his own time to help educate the boating public. We are the world --

See Part I and Part II of the Marine Safety series --

Noble News

U.S. Navy
Slide Show

Aircraft Carrier
Whoever said aircraft carriers couldn’t turn on a dime?

Just before our trusty reader Bill Noble left for a cruise to the Galapagos Islands last week in a custom-built motoryacht, he was kind enough to send us his latest slide show of pictures of the U.S. Navy prancing in front of a camera. Since Americans have already paid for it, we feel obligated to show them what they are getting for their tax dollars in addition to a bail out of the banks, Wall Street, and Detroit. Even though all U.S. battleships have been decommissioned, the photo editor has supplied a few pictures at the end of 16'’ guns blasting away, just as a reminder of the good old days. To get your weekly navy fix --

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Capt. Steve's Lesson #34

Before Departing Familiarize Guests
with the Boat and Safety Procedures

Capt. Steve

It’s a good idea to have a passenger orientation safety briefing for any first-time boaters coming aboard your boat.

This week Capt. Steve goes over fifteen new lessons and guidelines to follow before departing the dock. If you are taking out guests on your boat they should all be aware of the safety procedures aboard and you must have a life jacket for each one of them. Capt Steve will go over important lessons on running your blower before starting the engine, taking a proactive approach if you notice any problems early on, common solutions if the engine will not start up, and how to correctly cast off from the dock. These are basic procedures which all recreational boaters should be aware of. The videos presented this week are part of Capt. Steve’s USCG-approved boating course called “Smart Boating.” Watch Capt. Steve's video boating lessons every week on

To view this week’s lessons --

To view past lessons --

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