Yamaha’s 232 Limited Is Poetry in Motion - 04/22/2009

  Yamaha 232 Limited Yamaha 232 Yamaha 232
With twin jet drives a 20-degree deadrise the 232 Limited is a beautiful thing, jumping waves like a prima ballerina at the Met. (See video.)

With the new 232 Limited, Yamaha has taken its popular, innovative 23 boat and turned it into a thing of stately beauty. Not that she was a wallflower before, she has always been a very pretty design. But now, with her “Desert Stone” topsides, tasteful gray vinyl seats and classy accessories she has matured from a flashy prom queen into an elegant young woman who doesn’t have to flaunt her attributes to make a man’s pulse quicken. This boat is no fiberglass bathtub gussied up with lipstick. Rather, she is a work of art vying for the reputation as classiest woman on the lake. Cobalt, you’d better watch out. And how cool is it having twin, reliable Yamaha engines instead of a single I/O? Our Capt. John Wenz is a connoisseur of fine boat lines, so watch him as he rubs his hand over this lady’s curves --

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