Offshore Motoryacht Newsletter - 04/15/2009
Offshore Motoryacht Newsletter April 15, 2009 If you cannot view the newsletter, click here. Tests You Can Trust

- Hatteras 60 Convertible
- 70' Viking Motoryacht
- Somali Boating Pays Off
- Tiara 3500 Sovran
- Meridian 580 is Big Inside
- New Nordhavn 75 Motoryacht
- For Tough Cleaning Jobs
- Three Yachts Taken by Pirates
- Springtime for NATO Action
- Biggest Boat Has Right-of-Way
- Short History on Maritime Safety
- Capt. Steve's Weekly Lesson
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Hatteras 60 Convertible
Attracting A New Generation

Hatteras 60 GT
The Hatteras 60 is all-Carolina sass from bow to stern. The boat is a hit with over 29 being built in the last two years.

Two years ago we looked at the new Hatteras 60 when it was first introduced at the Palm Beach boat show. Since that time the 60 Convertible has become the most popular model at Hatteras and her beautiful Carolina styling has caught the eye of a whole new generation of big game anglers. That’s right, the baby boomers are not the ones buying the boat; they have moved on to boats more appropriate for the geriatric set. Rather, virtually all of the buyers of the 60 are men under 55 – and the new generation of tournament angler has swagger. They evidently like the sassy, classy Carolina look of the Hatteras 60. To find out about this new sportfishing boat phenomenon and what sets the Hatteras 60 apart from the competition--troll the mouse. 

See video of the Hatteras 60’s 5 distinctive features--

See video of the Hatteras 60 flying bridge--

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Motoryacht News

70’ Viking Motoryacht:
Ideal Retirement Package

Viking 70
The 70’ Viking Sport Cruiser has sleek European styling but its beauty
is more than skin deep.

The most popular Viking Sport Cruiser these days is the 70-footer, which seems to be an ideal size for both people trading up and those trading down. Owners like the fact that it has 4 staterooms with 3 en suite heads, plus a 2-berth captain’s cabin in the stern. The folks at Viking tell us that many of their customers buy them for their retirement, and we couldn’t think of a better package. Nothing keeps one in better health than an active life cruising in ocean air. One 70’ Viking Sport Cruiser buyer took delivery in the U.K. and is currently in his second year of cruising the Med.  To find out more about this boat and if it is the right one for your retirement --

Apply for Consultation with builder

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Boating Pays Off

Somali Economic Stimulus Package!
Boat Sales Soar as Money Pours In

Somalian Pirates Somalian Pirates
Each truck is carrying five freshly-made, 21st-Century pirate ships. Boat builders are working overtime to supply the demand as boat buying fever sweeps the Somali coast.

Until last Sunday and the death of five of their fellow buccaneers, for young Somalis, piracy offered a life of boating fun, camaraderie, adventure and easy money. Last year Somali boaters took in over $80 million in ransom money. Their activities have been a bonanza for the local economy which heretofore had been living on U.S. AID shipments of subsidized grain and an occasional local goat. These young boaters have been buying grand houses, luxury cars, and attracting beautiful wives. In the last two weeks they have gotten a taste of the yachting lifestyle when they hijacked three yachts, one a sailboat with a crew of four and a 3-year old child aboard, another that was a luxury cruising catamaran in the Seychelles, and a third yacht with three men aboard sailing to Madagascar. There are reportedly over 100 of these little, high freeboard pirate ships currently in use. To find out what is really going on -- hang your mouse.

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Double Take

Tiara 3500 Sovran
Has Value for Money

Tiara Sovran Tiara Sovran
One of these Tiara Sovrans is the 3500 and one is the 3900. Can you tell the difference?

To our way of thinking, one of the best values in the Tiara line of cruising boats is the 3500 Sovran. It has virtually everything the 3900 has, except it is slightly smaller – four feet shorter and, one foot less beam and weighs 5400 lbs. less. It sleeps 4 people instead of 5 in the 3900. The 3500 doesn’t go quite as fast, but it is close. Both boats have Volvo Penta IPS propulsion with joystick control. The 3500 is powered by twin 300-hp diesels and the 3900 is powered by 370-hp diesels. Give up guessing which picture above is the 3500? It is the boat on the left and it sells for 28% less than the 3900. Check out our comparison of the two boats, find out how much they cost, and see why we think the 3500 is a better value.

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Second Look

Meridian 580 is Big Inside
And the Living is Easy

Meridian 580 Galley
The galley has everything far bigger boats have.
Meridian 580 VIP Stateroom
The VIP stateroom is as cozy as they come.
Meridian 580 Master
A "two person" head with separate sink and WC.

The Meridian 580 was designed for serious cruising and extended stays by its owners and guests. But there is more to this boat than room, it also has the design details that make the cruising life pleasant and easy; things like a large galley with all amenities, a washer/dryer, two en suite staterooms, plus a third stateroom. The yacht has four places for breakfast, lunch or dinner – the settee in the pilothouse, the dinette opposite the galley, on the table on the aft deck, or up on the flying bridge. Guests will like the different venues. And Meridian hasn’t forgotten the quality details, such as the arched doorways below which you sometimes don’t find on boats three times the cost. Two weeks ago Capt. Steve talked about the performance of the Meridian 580 and this week he looks at livability. Join him for a video look inside --

See Capt. Steve’s test video --

Read Capt. Steve’s full Captain’s Report on the 580 --

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New Boat

New Nordhavn 75 Motoryacht: Cruiser for Planet Ocean

Nordhavn 75 MY
Yes, she’s a Nordhavn, but she’s much more than an expedition yacht. Find out about this amazing new design.


Finally a builder has introduced something new and very different. Nordhavn, which pioneered the concept of single-engine long range power cruisers over 20 years ago, has now taken the next step by building a trans-oceanic luxury motoryacht with twin engines. Not only that, but she is rigged for serious fishing. Finally a sportsman can go in pursuit of the elusive 2,000-lb. black marlin, fish everywhere Zane Gray went, as well as places he could never reach --or, go scuba diving in mid-pacific atolls, or explore the Northeast Passage, or visit the Spice Islands. With 4,300 gallons of fuel and a cruising fuel burn of 12 to 15 gph at cruising speed, most of the world is within reach. To find out more about this exciting yacht--

Visit builder website


For Tough
Cleaning Jobs

Women Cleaning Hull
The best boat cleaner on earth is a team of 14 hard-working women in bathing suits. (Stand by for the rest of the story…)

Removing nasty stains, scum marks at the waterline, grease, dirt, scuff marks and other grime on a boat's varied surfaces is an age-old chore. Lots of cleaning agents will do the job if you have the crew pictured above, but most of us are not so lucky. The trick is to get the boat clean with a minimum of elbow grease and time. When the cleaning gets tough, you need to get a serious marine cleaner, one that will get the job done without killing all of the wildlife within 100 yards of your boat. We’ve got the answer--and the rest of the story about the 14 gals --

More product information



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Pirate News

Three Yachts
Taken By
Somalia Pirates

Chloe and Florent Lemacon and their 3-year old son, Colin, left France in July of last year. Florent died when French authorities stormed the hijacked yacht, killing two of the hijackers.


While the American media focused on the hijacking of a U.S.-flagged ship and the plight of one American captain during the last week, a feeding frenzy by dozens of other Somali pirates took place. At least 15 other people, including a 3-year old boy, were taken captive in three yachts. There were also four other commercial vessels hijacked by pirates within the same 48-hour period as the U.S.-flagged ship, plus a Taiwanese fishing trawler and an Italian tug boat taken last weekend. The American media is over reporting on the plight of the U.S.-flagged ship and crew and under reporting on all of the other piracy going on.  Find out what's happened to the boaters --


Springtime for
NATO Action

Pirate boats
This is a Google Earth satellite photo of Somali pirate ships at anchor off the beach in Mogadishu. Just think what U.S. military spy satellites can see in real time? Will President Obama walk the talk?

Perhaps the actions of the U.S. and French navies last week and all of the media publicity generated in the U.S. and Europe will embolden Western governments to put an end to Somali piracy the old fashioned way – interdict pirate ships before they attack, and invade the nest of pirates where they live. In 1803 and ’04 Lt. Stephen Decatur of the U.S. navy attacked the Barbary pirates in Tripoli and put an end to piracy and ransoms in the Med that the great European powers had been putting up with for years. At the time the U.S. navy was small and weak, but it was full of resolve and courage. And, President Jefferson was a leader. British Admiral Lord Nelson is said to have called this "the most bold and daring act of the Age". To find out more about Capt. Decatur and to register your own solution to the piracy nonsense -- hang your mouse.

Capt. Rod Says

Biggest Boat Has Right-of-Way

Will these boats collide?
Only if Capt. Rod is at the helm!

Regular readers of this cyber journal by this time should know Capt. Rod’s Rules of the Road by heart. Rule #1: “Largest boat always has right-of-way.” That rule is admirably demonstrated in this video taken on board a vessel piloted by a graduate of Capt. Rodney Dangerfield’s School of Seamanship. Rule #2: “If a collision inadvertently occurs, immediately shout that it is the other guy’s fault and call him bad names.” Sadly, Capt. Rod passed away a few years ago, so he is not able to see the fruits of his fine instruction, but we offer you this video in his memory. How to get some respect in a crossing situation --

See Capt. Rod's video lesson--

Marine Safety

A Short History of Marine Safety- Part I

Maritime History
Marine safety became an urgent priority back in colonial times in North America.

Today we are offering an informative and entertaining video about the history of maritime safety. It is the first of four videos that we are going to publish over the next month that put in context the USCG’s safety rules, regulations and the current safety programs promoted by that government service. These videos were personally made by Rear Admiral James A. Watson, the USCG’s Director of Prevention Policy for Maritime Safety. They are historically accurate and quite interesting and we urge all of our viewers to be sure to see every one.  Rear Admiral Watson is a graduate of the USCG academy and has a degree in naval architecture from the Univ. of Michigan. He obviously is a life-long boater and cares passionately about boats and boating. It all started in colonial times --

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Capt. Steve's Lesson #32

Fueling Procedures for Safe Boating

Capt. Steve

Capt. Steve goes over some safety tips on refueling your boat and what to look out for in order to be a safe boater.

This week Capt. Steve goes over thirteen new lessons and guidelines on how to safely refuel your boat. You’ll learn why it’s important to take your time when refueling, reasons for shutting off all electric equipment, how to avoid a static spark, and why you should avoid overfilling your boat. Captain Steve will go over why it’s a good idea to log your fuel consumption usage, and why it’s important to do a sniff test in the engine compartment.  These are basic procedures which all recreational boaters should be aware of. The videos presented this week are part of Capt. Steve’s USCG-approved boating course called “Smart Boating.” Watch Capt. Steve's video boating lessons every week on

To view this week’s lessons --

To view past lessons --

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