What Separates Yamaha Jet Boats From Their Competition? - 04/08/2009

Yamaha 1 Yamaha 2  Yamaha 3
Mark Speaks, President of Yamaha Watercraft Group,
tells all;
Well, almost.
Deck plan of the 23’ Yamaha which shows space utilization. Where's
the engine?
Yamaha was one
of the first
to build a
stern playground.

In 2008, the 23’ Yamaha out sold all other brands making 23’ boats -- not just in the jetboat category, but EVERY brand of runabout, whether it be a bowrider, cuddy or skiboat. Not only that, but twice as many Yamahas were sold than the #2 ranking boat in the 23’ runabout class! That is a resounding consumer endorsement the likes of which is rarely seen in any industry. This accomplishment is made all the more impressive because Yamaha is a relative newcomer to runabout boat building, being the second newest entry among the top ten best-selling brands. Not only is Yamaha a relative newcomer, it was also the only brand in the top ten that is a jetdrive. What did Yamaha do last year to garner such incredible sales success with its 23-footer? Was it customer service? Advertising? Low price? Free toasters? To find out we interviewed the president of the Yamaha Watercraft Group, Mark Speaks --

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