Honda Wins 4-Stroke Outboard Honors - 02/25/2009
Honda 225-hp Wins J.D. Award
Capt. Rob Smith explains what sets Honda’s
225-hp engine apart.

Honda ranked highest in overall customer satisfaction in the 2009 J.D. Power study among owners of 4-stroke EFI outboard engines. Overall customer satisfaction index scores are based on performance across seven factors: starting ease, quietness at cruise, reliability, fuel economy, shifting smoothness, lack of exhaust fumes and ability of boat to accelerate rapidly. Honda Marine pioneered 4-stroke engine technology and the blocks used in their outboard engines are the same as those used in their automobiles. Honda has won the 4-stroke outboard Power award four out of the last five years. The J.D. Power Study 4-stroke EFI rankings were -- 

1.  Honda 907 points
2. Yamaha 902 points
3. Suzuki 895 points
4. Mercury 878 points