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New Boats & Video Reviews

- Bertram 700
- Formula 40 PC
- Jeanneau Prestige 38 S
- Ocean Yachts 37 Billfish
- Regulator 32 FS

Also Inside:
- 120' Sandrine from Hargrave
- Regal and Sea Ray Tie for Award
- Joystick Control and Handling
- New Product: Simrad Radar
- Volvo Penta Wins Award
- Why We Love Boating
- NMMA President Gives Report
- Russian Roulette with Cigarette
- Knickerbocker YC to Close
- Connecting Your Laptop
- BoatTEST's Member Services
- Help Us Beta Test
- Find Boat Buyers Here
Capt. Steve's Weekly Lesson
- Ducky Award Winner

Largest Hargrave
Is Built for World Cruising

Hargrave Sandrine
The 120’ Hargrave Sandrine was designed, built and equipped for serious world cruising.

By definition, virtually all megayachts look impressive because they are so big. But many are paper tigers, sort of floating “Potemkin Villages” that are best kept tied up at a dock because they are not really designed nor equipped to be good sea boats. In the trade they are called “ditch diggers” because they spend most of their lives plying the ICW from Long Island to Ocean Reef. Now there is nothing wrong with owning a huge, glitzy yacht that is long on spritz and short on spunk, if that is what your heart desires. But some yachtsmen hanker for something more, such as a large motoryacht that can go virtually anywhere its adventuresome owner wants to explore. And it is that kind of yachtsman and that kind of boat we are looking at this week. It is the 120’ Sandrine, owned by Rick and Sandra Sorenson, and the Sandrine is the largest yacht ever built by Hargrave. Let’s take a video look at some of the important mechanical aspects of this yacht which make her a world cruiser --

Take a look at the interior of Sandrine from a woman’s viewpoint --

See all BoatTEST videos of Hargrave motoryachts --

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Boat Tests & Reviews

Bertram 700

Bertram 700Bertram has a new flagship, the 700. This 74’ 2’’ boat is loaded for trophy sportfishing on the outside, and for luxurious comfort on the inside. She has four staterooms, all of which are en suite, a starboard dining area for five, and a huge galley for the culinary artist in the group. We tested her with twin MTU 2200-hp Series 2000 16 cylinder engines and twin Mitsubishi anti-roll gyros. Take a look at the Bertram 700.

Formula 40 PC

Formula 40 PC

Formula continues to build one of the best performance cruisers we have tested. Their designs scream out for attention and thrill you with solid performance which is unexpected in a boat this size. For the latest 40 PC, Formula has made a solid commitment to pod drive technology. They will now only offer it with Volvo Penta’s IPS. Take a tour through Formula's 40 PC and see how it performs.

Ocean Yachts 37 Billfish

Ocean Yachts 37 Billfish

It is not often that a new design concept comes along in boating, and when one does, we often find that it is a throwback to something done years ago that got lost. Such an example is the Ocean Yachts 37 Billfish. She is actually better set-up in many ways for sportfishing than the traditional convertible. That, together with the fact that there is a downsizing trend going on among offshore sportsmen, means that she is the right boat for the times. We like her utility, her cockpit and her economical operation. Join Capt. Steve as he takes a video look at a boat offshore fishermen should consider.

Regulator 32 FS

Regulator 32 FSThe 32 rides high on the tide of Regulator Marine’s offshore fishing boats and the FS makes this center console more family-friendly. This FS or Forward Seating version features comfortable bow seating, with plenty of standing room left over for fishing. Take a look at the 32 FS from Regulator.

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First Look

Jeanneau Introduces
Prestige 38 S Express to U.S.

Regal 3060 Express Cruiser
The Prestige 38 S is powered by twin CMD 320-hp engines with Bravo III drives.

Jeanneau is France's largest boat builder and has long been world-famous for their full line of sailboats. In the 1980s this innovative company broke tradition and created a line of sleek, user-friendly sailboats that captured sailors’ imagination and won their hearts. Jeanneau now is the largest builder of sailboats in the world. If the past is prelude, will they do the same thing in the powerboat field? For the last eight years Jeanneau has been building powerboats and now has ten 30' to 50' express and flying bridge models in their line. Jeanneau calls its powerboat line “Prestige.” They are modern and innovative and because the company is trying to break into the U.S. they are comparatively low priced. If you are interested in something a little different with a European flare you should check out Jeanneau's Prestige line.

See video review of the Prestige 38 S --

Sign up for a special viewing of the Prestige 38 S --

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Boat Handling

Joystick Control
Makes a Big Difference

Cruisers Yachts 420 Larson 330

The Cruisers Yachts 420 Sports Coupe comes with joystick control
with either diesel or gas IPS engines.

The Larson 330 Day Cruiser
comes with joystick control with either Axius/MerCrusier or EVC/Volvo Penta
gas engines.

If truth be told, one of the biggest reasons women (read: wives) are not as enthusiastic about boat ownership as are men, is the fact that they often get relegated to schlepping fenders, throwing lines, and fending off when Dad docks the boat. As hard as it is to believe, we have even seen some men yell at their wives when docking. The advent of joystick control two years ago has changed all of that. Now Dad can dock the boat like a pro, and if he really wants to perform like a pro he’ll turn the helm over to his better half and schlep the fenders himself. Because joystick control is so easy, his bride can dock the boat and dry her nails at the same time. This spring, both Larson Boats and Cruisers Yachts is inviting boaters to test drive their boats with joysticks so that they can see for themselves how easy joystick boat handling can be. Contact a dealer now for a free sea trial with no obligation. (Don’t forget to take your wife.)

Cruisers Yachts
Test Drive

Larson Boats
Test Drive

See tests of Cruisers Yachts --

See tests of Larson Boats --

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J.D. Power

Regal and Sea Ray
Tie for Express Cruiser Awards

Regal 3060 Express Cruiser Sea Ray 310 Express Cruiser
Regal 3060 Express Cruiser Sea Ray 310 Express Cruiser

For eight year J.D. Power & Associates has conducted a survey among buyers of newly registered boats over a one-year period. The awards were announced last Thursday, Feb. 12, at the Miami Boat Show. In the “Express Cruiser” category Regal won for the third consecutive year and was tied this year by Sea Ray for first place honors, both scoring 858 points on a 1,000-point scale. Only four brands were ranked -- Regal, Sea Ray, Rinker and Bayliner. J.D. Power says that for a boat builder to qualify for a ranking it must receive at least 100 completed questionnaires, which is the reason that only four companies were ranked in the “Express Cruiser” study. To find out more about the study -- ask the mouse.

See tests of Regal boats --

See tests of Sea Ray boats --

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New Products

New Simrad Radar Wins Innovation Award

Simrad BR-24
Simrad’s new BR-24 radar (left) has many advantages including far sharper target definition at close range.
(Conventional radar at right.)

Simrad was honored with the Electronics Innovation of the Year Award given at the Miami Boat Show by the NMMA and BWI. This revolutionary new radar utilizes solid-state broadband radar technology to provide superior target detection and separation, extremely low power draw, ease of use, instant tuning, and has “no radiation hazard” according to the builder. Tim Queeney, editor of Ocean Navigator magazine says, “This is the most significant advance in radar since World War II.” Find out more about this radar breakthrough and see pictures of its defining characteristics -- tune your mouse.

Engine News

Volvo Penta
Stern Drives Win
Consumer Satisfaction Award

Volvo Penta
The annual J.D. Power award for customer satisfaction in the stern drive engine category goes to Volvo Penta.

J.D. Power and Associates announced last week that Volvo Penta ranked highest in overall satisfaction among EFI stern drive owners according to its 2009 Marine Engine Competitive Information Study. This is the second year in a row that Volvo Penta has received the award. MerCruiser finished second in a two-company competition. “Customer Satisfaction is a core value of the Volvo Group, and we constantly strive to improve each customer’s experience with Volvo Penta engines,” said Clint Moore, President and CEO of Volvo Penta.

PCM/Crusader Wins Inboard Award

Pleasurecraft Engine Group (PCM and Crusader) won the Power award in the Inboard EFI Segment, this is its fourth consecutive year in the winner’s circle.


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World View

Why We Love
Boating -- Worldwide

Boating worldwide
Faanui, French Polynesia,
a place that few people visit
and the best way to do it is by boat.

Our restless boating friend, Bill Noble, sent us a few postcards this week from his latest travels around the world, reminding us once again why we love boating. We don’t know why the sea holds such a strong fasination -- is it the water, the land, the land and the water, the fresh air, or the thrill of stepping back on terra firma after a day on the water. Whatever it is, we thank Bill for pointing out some great places to go boating all around the world. Join us around the world in 12 seconds -- fly the mouse.

Member Services

Are You in the Market for a Boat?

Member Services
Powerboats – both new and used –
have never been so attractive as now.

If you are in the market this spring or early summer for a new or used boat, then why not let help you find the right boat at the right price? Simply fill out the short questionnaire and hit “Submit.” Within a few hours we will have your “Boat Wanted” notice listed. Our Member Services Dept. will then search dealers and brokers for the boat you want. The service is free to you and we will help you with any brand. The service is limited to new boats 20’ to 29’ and new and used boat 30’’+. Sign up here.

Boating Tip

Russian Roulette With a Red Cigarette

Red Cigarette
If you can’t see a driver in this high-performance boat, it’s because there isn’t one.

This Russian video reminds us of the first time we were in Moscow just after the fall the Soviet regime riding in a taxi going 90 mph down the city’s streets. “I know what I’m doing,” shouted the driver in broken English as he blasted through intersections with no stoplights. He had obviously learned how to drive by watching American car-chase movies. The new crop of Russian boat owners seem not to have read Charles F. Chapman. See what we mean -- put in mouse.

End of an Era

Knickerbocker Yacht Club Goes on the Block


Founded in 1874 on the Harlem River in New York City, the Knickerbocker Yacht Club was one of the oldest clubs on Long Island Sound, which was the epicenter of the sport of boating in America around the turn of the century and into the roaring ‘20s. Located in Manhasset Bay on the north shore of Long Island Sound, from the KYC docks one could see the sleek commuters on their way to Wall Street. Next door was East Egg, home of the Great Gatsby. We are sad to learn of this turn of events as KYC was an important part of metro New York’s boating community. To read the details --

Active Captain

Connecting Your Laptop to the Net
with Mobile

Connecting to the Net
There are various ways to tether your mobile phone to your laptop.

We have long argued that a well-chosen and properly-equipped mobile phone can replace a computer aboard for many common onboard tasks. It boots up faster, takes less power and is far more portable. But there are times when phone and laptop can work together. Using some simple software and cabling, you can "tether" your mobile phone to your laptop and use it as a modem to connect to the Internet, eliminating the need for Wi-fi hotspots and expensive aircards. We've been doing it for several years now and find that it saves us money and works extremely well. Read more --

Industry News

NMMA President Gives “State of Industry” Report

Thom Dammrich
Thom Dammrich is president of the boating industry’s trade association, NMMA.

During his annual “state of the industry” address at the Miami International Boat Show, NMMA President Thom Dammrich said, “Boating is not going away.” He expects a turnaround to begin in the second half of this year for new boat sales. He also said that the NMMA is working with government officials to use TARP funds to support dealer floor plans as well as working to promote credit union lending for new boats. Find out more about the “state of the boating industry”--

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BoatTEST News

Help Us Beta Test
Our New Classified Section!

A snapshot of our new classified layout and search criteria for over 100,000 boat listings.

Just like Microsoft, we at thought we would design some new software and put it out for public use before it is thoroughly tested. It is our new classified section, and like Microsoft, we invite you to search over our new functionality, discover what doesn’t work, and then let us know. (But unlike Microsoft, we won’t charge you for the pleasure.) Also, give us your constructive suggestions on how we can make this important classified section work better for you. In addition to our own listings, BoatTEST now incorporates the listings from, and With over 100,000 new and used boat listings our new software should make your research more comprehensive and easier. If it doesn’t, please write our webmaster at Thank you.

Check out BoatTEST's new classifieds.

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Dealers and Brokers ONLY

Find Boat Buyers Here

Find Boat Buyers
Boat dealers: This is just a sampling of over 100 boats wanted by BoatTEST members. Do you have an offer they can’t refuse? Click for full listing.

Boat dealers and brokers: The only reason people come to is if they are doing research on boat buying. The only reason that our members fill out a “Boat Wanted” form is because they are actively in the market NOW and want to learn about the best deals available. If you have a good deal and would like to be put in touch with the people who want the boats on this list -- sign up here.

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Capt. Steve's Lesson #24

Rules of the Road:
Power Vessels vs. Sailing
Narrow Channels

Capt. Steve

Navigating safely in narrow channels.

This week Capt. Steve covers basic rules of the road in these twelve new lessons and guidelines on: navigating safely through narrow channels, using caution with larger vessels in narrow channels, how to signal to another boat when there’s a blind spot, overtaking another boat, and rules for powered-driven vessels versus sailing vessels when crossing paths. These are basic rules which all recreational boaters should be aware of. The videos presented this week are part of Capt. Steve’s USCG-approved boating course called “Smart Boating.” Watch Capt. Steve's video boating lessons every week on

To view this week’s lessons --

To view past lessons --

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