President of Cruisers Yachts Answers Some Tough Questions - 02/04/2009


Cruisers Materials Cruisers' Jim Cruisers Customize?
Are all Cruisers Yachts
built with the same materials?
Why are Cruisers Yachts heavier than
other boats?
Will Cruisers Yachts customize for their customers?

Jim Viestenz is president of KCS, which owns both Cruisers Yachts and Rampage.  He is one of those presidents who cares passionately about the boats his companies build and about what his customers want. He will be at the Miami Boat Show, Feb. 12 to 16, and we invite you to stop by and ask him your toughest questions. If you are in the market for an express cruiser or fishboat you need to find out why they build boats the way they do.  If you own a Cruisers, Rampage or a competing model, you should let him know what’s on your mind. Click above on three questions that we asked Jim.  You may be surprised at some of his answers.

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