BoatTEST Takes a Chain Saw To a New Ranger - 01/28/2009
All voids are filled with foam.
Note: conduit for wire runs.
Fiberglass composite with aluminum
and pultrusion.
Rods Padding
Fiberglass rods are laminated
into the bottom strakes.
Note the padding on the deck
under the carpet for comfort.

Boat buying is harder than ever these days as consumers try to figure out if the “good deal” is really good value, or just a lot less boat. We’re here to tell you that all boats are NOT built the same. To prove the point, we have taken a chain saw to a new Ranger so that you can get a video look at what is actually under that pretty metal-fleck gelcoat. Well-built fiberglass boats should last you a lifetime if the details are executed with top-quality materials for strength and durability. Capt. Rob Smith takes you step-by-step through a Ranger boat so that you will know what to look for when you go boat-hunting this spring.
This video gets under a Ranger’s skin --