PWC Safety Instruction Know Your Watercraft and Your Capabilities - 01/14/2009

PWC Overview
Basic Overview on
PFDs and Protective Clothing
PFDs and Protective Clothing
Operating your PWC
How to Operate
Your PWC
Riding under Control
Riding Under Control
How to Avoid Collisions
Throttling your PWC
Your PWC
PWC Rules of the Road
Rules of the Road; Know Your Local Laws

Before you hit the water it’s important to follow these safety guidelines for PWC use provided by the Personal Watercraft Industry Association (PWIA). Rules of the water don’t just apply to boaters, they also apply to PWCs and you must remember that you’re sharing the water with other boaters, swimmers, skiers and all manner of water lovers out there. These videos cover the basics of PWC use such as riding rules, what to wear, how to operate defensively, and safety information. The more you know about your watercraft and how it operates, the safer you are as a boater. Safe riding!