Offshore Motoryacht 1/7 - 01/07/2009
Offshore Motoryacht Newsletter January 7, 2009 If you cannot view the newsletter, click here. Tests You Can Trust

New Boats & Video Reviews

- Bertram 700 Convertible
- Four Winns V408
- Hargrave Seafarer
- Pearl 60
- Regulator 34SS
- Sunseeker 70

Also Inside:
- A Closer Look: Cruisers 520 SC
- Mobile Phone Memory Cards
- Surveyor's Notebook
What Lies Beneath the Surface?
- Sunset at the North Pole
- Capt. Steve's Weekly Lesson
- Ducky Award Winner

Test of New
Regulator 34SS

Regulator has been building rugged canyon runners
and Gulf Stream clippers for over 20 years
-- and the old ones are still at it!

Regulator introduced a brand new model this year, the 34SS and the SS in this case stands for Starboard Seating. Imagine that! Joan and Owen Maxwell bring this Lou Codega design to the offshore market with the same notable ride, fit and finish Regulator has been admired for since the introduction of the 26, twenty years ago. With the Armstrong bracket, there is 33’10” of real room on this “34 foot” center console. The 34SS has all the fishing features of a center console of the past.

We checked the 10 top brand names in center consoles from 33’ to 35’ and the Regulator 34 is by far the heaviest boat of them all – typically about 20% heavier. That’s a lot, and it relates directly to the amount of material that goes into the hull and deck of the 34SS.

Not only does Regulator use more materials than their competition, but they also use more expensive materials than many builders. Regulator simply doesn’t cut corners to save weight, nor to save money.  And it is that added weight and heft, in large part, that gives this 34 a better ride than most.  Come along as we test the Regulator 34SS. 

To see all Regulator test videos --

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Boat Tests & Reviews

Hargrave Seafarer

Hargrave Seafarer

Dr. Bob Emmons and his wife Christine's 101' Seafarer is a fine example of Hargrave's dedication to personalizing their motoryachts. The customization began with a beautifully designed piece of furniture destined for the main salon and it became the motivation for the joiner work treatment throughout the entire yacht.  Join us as BoatTEST editor Jeff Hammond takes a detailed look at the 101' Seafarer from Hargrave Custom Yachts. 

Pearl 60

Pearl 60

The Pearl 60 from Pearl Motor Yachts is the flagship of their model line. There is no doubt the Pearl 60 was made for entertaining. The model has plenty of space for guests to relax and sunbathe as well as an al fresco dining space complete with a canvas sunroof for either letting in or keeping out the sun. Learn more about the 60 and its four stateroom cabin here.

Sunseeker Manhattan 70

Sunseeker Manhattan 70If you are looking for one of the sleekest motoryachts in the world, one that looks like it is going 50 knots at the dock, then you need look no further than the Manhattan 70 by Sunseeker. The Manhattan 70 features four ensuite staterooms and Euro-styling that creates a vessel ideal for world-class venues. Take a video tour through the beautiful Manhattan 70.

Bertram 700 Convertible

Bertram 700 The 700 from Bertram is built to take the inevitable poundings from the relentless searches a trophy fisherman puts a battlewagon through. It is built to deliver one of the best rides in its class. For the true blue water trophy sportfisherman, the new Bertram 700 is ready to do battle, yet when you’re done it will take you back to the comforts you enjoy at home while still onboard. Come aboard the Bertram 700 Convertible.

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A Closer Look

Cruisers Yachts
520 Sports Coupe:
Interior Features

Cruisers 520
Charity shows us the interior of the 520 Sports Coupe;
you'll be amazed at the headroom
with such a sleek looking yacht exterior.

The 520 Sports Coupe is the queen of Cruisers Yachts’ coupe designs. Her lines flow nicely up to the coupe top and conceal the height of the interior well. BoatTEST's Charity Hughes takes us through the interior of this new model and points out details that many men may overlook.

See Charity’s video take on the Cruisers Yacht 520 --

Come aboard as Captain Rob tests the 520 --

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By Popular Demand

Four Winns' New V408

Four Winns' V408
We believe Four Winns’ new V408 will set
new benchmarks for 40’+ express cruisers of the future.

From stem to stern the V408 is full of good ideas and it is clear that the folks in Cadillac, MI have decided to break with tradition in their large cruisers and go for the gold. The humdrum, me-too designs that permeated the industry for nearly two decades are a thing of the past, at least at Four Winns. Now, it’s okay to be different -- and to think out of the box.  See the first video of the V408 from Four Winns.


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Prop Info

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Boating Tips

Mobile Phone
Memory Cards

Memory Cards
Memory cards for smartphones come in SD, miniSD and microSD formats.

Few things have changed more dramatically over the last few decades than computer memory. It is miraculous to think that the tiny smartphone in your pocket has way more memory than the computers that were on the Apollo 11 spacecraft when astronauts landed on the moon. Memory cards can store volumes of data, but with these advances have come different standards, speeds and all associated headaches. For the latest technology tutorial from Karen and Jeffrey Siegel of Active Captain, blast off here --

Surveyor’s Notebook

Hose Clamps

Hose Clamp
Here’s an example of an economy hose clamp following a brief period of service in the marine environment.

One of the simple items I look at during a survey are the hose clamps at every through-hull fitting. What am I looking for, specifically? First, I check to see that all connections below the waterline are double clamped. I often find that they are not and I’ll point this out to my client. Hose clamps are not all created equal, and some are more prone to failure, as you’ll see. If a hose clamp fails and it doesn’t have a second one as a backup, the vessel is in danger of sinking fast.  Learn more here --

Accident of the Week

What Lies Beneath
the Surface?

Beneath the Surface
Just because your channel was clear yesterday, does not mean that it’s clear today!

A New Year’s cruise on Florida’s St. Johns River turned deadly when a 30’ boat hit a submerged object causing the boat to flip and capsize. All five adults and one child on board were ejected, with one elderly woman dying on the scene. What the boat hit is still unknown. But is that the real problem here? What have you learned, Dorothy???

Bill Noble

Sunset at the
North Pole

Sunset at North Pole
Here is a scene you will probably never get to see in person, and we thought it too beautiful not to share.

 This is the sunset at the North Pole with the moon at its closest point. The sun is also visible below the moon. This is an amazing photo and not one that is easily duplicated. You too may want to pass it on. The Chinese have a saying, “When someone shares with you something of value, you have an obligation to share it with others.” Enjoy!

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Capt. Steve's Lesson #18

Requirements for Recreational Boaters
Part 7: Binoculars & Compasses

Capt. Steve

Capt. Steve wants to see more clearly on the water.

Capt. Steve feels every “smart boater” needs a good set of 7 x 50 binoculars and a compass onboard. Even though these are not devices that you are required to have on your boat it is better to be safe than sorry. He explains why he feels they are necessities and why not having them is like not having a life vest when you are offshore. Capt. Steve also explains the maintenance needed for compasses. The five videos presented this week are part of his USCG-approved boating course called “Smart Boating.” Watch Captain Steve's video boating lessons every week on

To view this week’s lessons --

To view past lessons --

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