Smoker Craft Construction Process Ensures Dependability - 12/17/2008

Smoker Craft has been building boats for 47 years and constructs aluminum boats both with welds and rivets. Their larger boats are built with rivets for a number of reasons, including the desirability of some hull flex (that’s why Boeing doesn’t weld airplane wings). Smoker’s aluminum hulls carry 10-year warranties and all riveted seams are guaranteed for a lifetime. Their coating system is complex and is one of the best in the industry, involving sanding, priming, and baking not once but twice. If you’ve ever wondered how an aluminum boat is built, take a look at these terrific, short videos showing the Smoker Craft process -- they are riveting.

Smoker Craft 1Smoker Craft 2
Smoker Craft is the only aluminum boat with
a “5-keel” design. Longitudinal aluminum
“I” beams go over derby ribs.

See boat tests of Smoker Crafts --

Jim Ellis, the sales manager for Smoker Craft, takes us through Smoker’s construction process from raw aluminum sheeting to painting and water testing. These 10 Smoker Craft-produced videos are short and fact-packed and we think you’ll enjoy them.

Smoker Video 1
1. It all starts with a single sheet of aluminum.

Smoker Video 2
2. Smoker Craft has a unique bottom which they call a “5-keel” design.

Smoker Video 3
3. Smoker uses Airs integrated ribs in the bow for prodigious strength.

Smoker Video 4
4. Derby ribs are used throughout the boat.

Smoker Video 5
5. Aluminum “I” beams run longitudinally and provide support for the cockpit deck.

Smoker Video 6
6. Deck material is treated marine ply with aluminum for seat bases.

Smoker Video 7
7. Spray rails and lapstrakes add strength and keep down spray.

Smoker Video 8
8. Sanding, primer coat, top coat, bake, paint again and bake again.

Smoker Video 9
9. Riveted vs. Welded – which is best?

Smoker Video 10
10. Every hull is water tested before leaving the factory.