Bertram Packs 56’ of Amenities Into their 510 Convertible - 12/10/2008

Bertram’s 510 has virtually all of the amenities of a $2.4 million battlewagon five or six feet longer -- at about half the price! That’s the big story here. The 510 has three staterooms, two heads, a 168-sq-ft cockpit, a huge flying bridge big enough for a party, and an engine room that can pump out 2700 horses to move the boat at 40 knots WOT. With smaller diesels she has a range of 466 nautical miles which will get most people most anywhere they want to go in a long day’s run. After looking closely at the 510, we wonder why anyone needs anything bigger.

Bertram 510 Bertram 510 Bertram 510
This boat has legs – 466 nm range at “best cruise” will take her most anywhere. A visit to Miami’s famous Stiltsville shows off her 5’ draft in skinny water. The 510’s helm looks like Battlestar Galactica with blue night vision lights.

Mama Mia – a Marriage!

One of the best marriages in the boat business occurred in 1998 when Ferretti bought Bertram Yachts. In many ways, the two companies were made for each other. Both brands had a heritage of building boats designed to take a beating offshore and hang together. Both were conceived by yachtsmen who were addicted to speed offshore, and both had reputations at the top of their class. Unfortunately Bertram’s had slipped during a period of revolving door ownership, and that is another reason why the marriage was good. Ferretti has restored Bertram to her rightful place at the top of production boat building along with a couple of other great and enduring brands.

510 Bertram

Depending on how you are going to use the boat, you can get it with or without the swim platform. If you get a platform, we recommend the traditional teak grate.

The Business End

Starting at the business end, her 168-sq. ft. cockpit is fully loaded with all the standard fishy things vital to the dedicated angler, including a generously equipped prep center with plenty of storage space, a refrigerator, wash basin and cutting board. Even though many anglers use pre-made-up frozen bait, we like the fact that Bertram has equipped the boat for anglers who still like to do it the old fashioned way. The boat has a live-bait storage area and a large fish box with removable tub and an icebox, which fits in the center of the transom.

Bertram 510

There is a lot of room on this flying bridge which makes a great entertaining area.

Bertram carries the 16’2” beam at the breast of the boat straight back to the transom without any tapering in, unlike many boats in her class. This means that its cockpit is wider and the side decks going forward are wider as well.

Bertram was the first builder to offer an anti-roll gyro stabilizer as optional equipment in a special arrangement with Mitsubishi, the manufacturer. The boat also has only one fuel tank which has some advantages, one of which is that the boat’s trim does not change much as the fuel burns off. Cleverly designed rudders and struts minimize drag. The five-bladed props are fitted to reduce vibration and noise and – to say nothing of improving performance.

Bertram 510

The U-shaped seating forward of the helm on the bridge makes an ideal and large entertaining venue. This is more room here than on some even larger boats.

The Flying Bridge

On the flying bridge Bertram is proud of its electrically controlled disappearing instrument panel. It is large enough for all the screens necessary, and will keep everything dry and secure. We recommend the optional hardtop with cruising isinglass to extend your season and for late-night cruising with guests aboard. In all likelihood they will be up on the flying bridge in the huge U-shaped seating forward of the helm making merry. (In which case you might consider driving from the lower helm in the salon.)

Bertram 510

Yes this photograph was taken with a wide-angle lens, nevertheless it shows that there is a lot of room in this standard layout.

It is difficult to make the salon of a convertible much different than how they have been designed for 35 years or so. Zuccon International, which does all of the interiors for Bertram, has tried to bring a more modern Italian flair to the salon. To some extent they have succeeded, with the woods being lighter in tone which is in fashion once again on certain size yachts.

510 staterooms

Look closely and you will see how cleverly this accommodation plan was worked out.

Three Stateroom Magic

Below, the designers have managed to get three staterooms in a 50’ boat. That is not easy. Note that the two heads have separate shower stalls which makes the three stateroom task even harder, but Zuccon International was able to pull it off by tucking the master and the starboard side guest cabin under the salon. Also note the beds are not overly wide. Nevertheless it works and creates wonderful functionality and value in the process.

Bertram 510

Bertram has done a good job of space utilization in the salon.

The Bertram 510 has it all in a compact package at an attractive price. Anyway you look at the 510, we think that it is loaded with value.

Bertram 510

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