Offshore Motoryacht Newsletter - 11/26/2008
Offshore Motoryacht November 26, 2008 If you cannot view the newsletter, click here. Tests You Can Trust

Test & Video Reviews

- Cruisers Yachts 447 Sport Sedan
- Formula 310 Sun Sport
- Grady-White Express 330
- Mainship Expedition Trawler

- Regulator 32 FS
- Rampage 41 Express

Also Inside:
- New V408 from Four Winns
- Hargrave's 84 Mar Azul
- Larson's 370 Comparison
- Sessa's Sexy New 46
- New 325/500-hp Diesel
- New Everglades Express Cruiser
- How to Buy an Amplifier
Product Review: Navionics
- Edwin Monk's Designs
Pirate Threat Spreads
- Captain Steve Lesson #14
- Ducky Award Winner

New 40’ Four Winns
Express is a Winner

Four Winns V408
 This new 40-footer has an aft cabin with full standing headroom, plus many other innovations that make it an outstanding design. It is a “must see” boat.

We believe Four Winns’ new V408 will set new benchmarks for 40’+ express cruisers of the future. It has been carefully designed for two entirely different uses – 1) day boat entertaining, and 2) two-couples or family cruising. But that is just the beginning. We counted at least 10 innovations on the boat, all features that pack big-boat utility into a 40’ boat. We got a sneak peek at the prototype at the Ft. Lauderdale show and we think you’ll be impressed, as we were. To find out more about the Four Winns V408 -- cruise on here.

See video “Sneak Preview” of the V408 --

See all Four Winns tests --

To test drive this boat at a dealership -- Sea Trial

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Boat Tests & Reviews

Cruisers Yachts 447 Sport Sedan

Cruisers Yachts 447

With its mixture of wide open space and great handling characteristics, the 447 Sport Sedan has all the makings of a very capable family cruiser. Add the style and luxury that Cruisers is known for, and now you have a combination worth your close inspection. Come aboard the Cruisers Yachts 447 Sport Sedan.

Formula 310 Sun Sport

Formula 310 SS

Formula’s 310 Sun Sport has filled the gap between their popular 280 and 330 models, which means Formula now has the size many move up boaters have been waiting for.  And since it’s a Formula, her impressive performance sets her apart. With twin 320-horsepower engines, this Sun Sport topped out at nearly 50 miles-per-hour, while her deep-V hull tamed the waves. To find out how Formula keep their reputation intact, watch the 310 Sun Sport test video.

Grady-White Express 330

Grady-White Express 330

While no stranger to fishing, Grady-White has raised the bar again with the 330 Express. It’s a fishing machine with comfort added in for those offshore overnight excursions.  We think this model will be fished hard and is destined to be yet another standout for Grady-White. See complete test and video of the Grady-White Express 330 for yourself.

Mainship Expedition Trawler

Mainship ExpeditionMainship has taken its popular 40 foot Trawler, and added comfort features that make what it calls an "Expedition Trawler." We think it is an affordable coastal cruiser for extended voyaging. Since it’s one of boating’s fastest growing markets, who better to get it right? Come see the evolution of Mainship’s new Expedition Trawler.  

Regulator 32 FS

Regulator 32 FSThe 32 FS is Regulator Marine’s second largest model in their line of offshore capable fishing machines. With a long list of high end features, this capable Center Console performs true to its heritage. Come aboard the 32 FS from Regulator.

While BoatTEST was in Edenton testing the Regulators, we also got a chance to visit the plant to see how the models are built. Check out the Regulator factory tour. 

Rampage 41 Express

Rampage 41 ExpressFor going farther offshore, you’ll need to step up in size and performance. The Rampage 41 Express has just the muscle to get the job done while maintaining the fit and finish that sets Rampage apart. With interchangeable “pod” accessory stations, you’ll be able to build your 41 Express the way you want it. Grab your gear and step aboard the Rampage 41 Express.

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New Yacht

Hargrave’s New 84’ Raised Pilothouse
Causes Hubbub at Boat Show

Hargrave 84 Mar Azul

Hargrave Custom Yachts has long prided itself on delivering custom-built fiberglass yachts at production boat prices, but no boat the company has ever built has driven the message home like its new 84’ “disappearing raised pilothouse” design. In case you haven’t noticed, most raised pilothouse motoryachts are more on the order of 100 feet long because the pilothouse wastes so much main deck space. But the owner of this boat wanted a raised pilothouse in only 84’. So how did Hargrave do it? It was not simple, but it is just another example of the lengths this company will go to personalize a boat for a creative owner. We captured the secret on video -- peek in here.

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New Boat

Larson’s New 370 with Gas IPS
Merc and V-P Gas V-Drives!

Larson 370

We can't find any mention of Volvo Penta’s gas version of their IPS system on the company’s websites, but you will find the system installed in Larson’s new Cabrio 370. We tested the boat this summer with what Volvo Penta calls its IPS 500G engines, which are 375-hp 8.1Gi gas engines. Previously we had tested the popular 370 Cabrios with both MerCruiser’s 380-hp 8.1 L Horizon with a V-drive and Volvo Penta’s 375-hp 8.1 Gi with a V-drive. The big question is, “Does this gas IPS system deliver 35% more fuel efficiency than gas V-drive engines at "best cruise?" To find out the answer -- twiddle your mouse.

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New Boat

Sessa’s New Sexy 46’ Express Cruiser

  Sessa 46
The C46’s sleek profile and severely raked windshield is complimented by large side windows. Note CE-required high bow rails to protect those going forward.

Although Sessa has been in the boatbuilding business for 50 years, its sleek yachts did not reach American shores until the last few years or so. The new C46 is designed specifically for Volvo Penta’s IPS engines. This gives the mid cabin master stateroom more fore-and-aft room. It appears as if Sessa has chopped down its stringers to allow walk around head room for its queen berth, something that is vitally important in this size and price of boat. And, hey, the Euro is down to $1.27! To find out more about this Italian beauty -- read on.

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Engine News

New 325/500-hp Diesel
From John Deere

Riviera 1
With both side (shown) and front service locations available for oil and fuel filters for fast, easy service, the 6090FM75 is adaptable to many engine rooms.

John Deere, perhaps better known as a manufacturer of farm tractors, has found success in trawlers and long range cruisers. This is an exceedingly good proving ground because typically these vessels are powered by only one engine – and it must keep on ticking no matter what. Three weeks ago the company introduced its newest engine, the PowerTech 6090SFM75, which has a power range from 325 to 500-hp. This high torque, low rpm diesel enables the engine to turn large props at slow speeds for high efficiency, with less vibration and noise. To find out more about this new engine -- gear down here.

New Boat

New Everglades
32' Express Fishboat 

Everglades 32' Express
Everglades’ new 320 is their first express fishboat
and they say more are to follow.

From the father and son team that has brought to the world’s boaters center consoles that don’t sink no matter how large they are, comes an express fishboat. Like the company’s smaller boats, Everglades assures us that their new express is also unsinkable. There are many important features – the hallmark of Dougherty designs -- which we’ll describe in the jump, but if you are in the market for an outboard powered express fishboat we suggest that you look at this boat. Everglades boats are probably the most expensive in their class, so they are a good place to start your quest. The rest of the 320 Express story --

To schedule an appointment for a test drive: Sea Trial

BoatTEST interviews President Steve Dougherty -- 

Why Everglades are the most expensive boats in class --

Hear President Dougherty say all Everglades float level when swamped --




Prop Info



First Again




yamaha pwc
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Boating Tips

Buying An Amplifier For Your Cell Phone

An amplifier, if properly installed,
can boost signal strength.

While to many the appeal of boating lies in the notion of “getting away from it all” there may be times when you must stay connected to the world for the sake of practicality. In this week’s segment from the Active Captain series, we conclude the quest for getting the strongest cell signal while on your boat. Karen and Jeffrey Siegel give us the lowdown on the necessary equipment and how it should be installed for maximum impact. Amplify your signal here.

Product Review

Latest in Cartography from Navionics

Navionics award-winning Platinum series.

If you have used consumer electronics recently, you probably have used the same storage devices as are used for Navionics charts. Compact Flash and SD cards are easily updatable, adaptable to most plotters and are designed with every budget in mind.  Captain Rob Smith takes us through the latest offerings from Navionics.

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Pirate News

Pirate Threat Spreads:
India to the Rescue!

  Google Maps-- pirate attacks tabar
Pirate attacks are spreading around the world and governments must take action now. India's destroyer INS Tabar sank a pirate mothership last week.

Piracy is becoming an increasingly popular occupation in third-world and remote locations. This development could threaten recreational boating in some of the world's best cruising and fishing grounds -- places like the Caribbean, the Med, Red Sea, South America, and Pacific Islands. This year pirates have become emboldened by easy pickings and the lack of effective response from traditional naval powers. The U.S. Defense Department whines that it is not their job, the Brits have taken a powder, and the Germans are discussing it in Parliament. Meanwhile, the Indian Navy has taken matters in hand. They have sunk one pirate mothership and are sending at least two more warships to the area. Is this the "tipping point" when U.S. Naval power is surpassed by other countries with actual leaders? To get the latest pirate news and see some good video reporting on the problem -- strike this Jolly Roger.

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Boat Design

Not Junior by a Long Shot -- Edwin Monk

Ocean Alexander58 Pilothouse
This 58' pilothouse motoryacht built by Ocean Alexander has a 17'6" beam
and is one of many boats designed by Ed Monk for the company.

For more than 70 years, the name “Edwin Monk” — first father, then son — has signified excellence in boat design. Marianne Scott, a frequent contributor to boating publications, had an opportunity to interview Edwin Monk Jr., and we’re pleased to be able to share the results here with you. We think you’ll agree that there is a certain charm to Ed’s practice of doing things the old-fashioned way. To read more of the story about this legendary designer, put your protractor here --

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Captain Steve's Lesson #14

Requirements for Recreational Boaters
Part 3: Inflatable Life Jackets

Captain Steve 11 26
Capt. Steve explains requirements for all boaters.

In Part 3 of Requirements for Recreational Boaters, Captain Steve examines inflatable life vests in detail. He walks you through the benefits of this type of vest and demonstrates how to check indicators, perform maintenance and how to manually inflate your vest. The ten videos presented this week are part of his USCG-approved boating course called “Smart Boating.” Watch Captain Steve's video boating lessons every week on

To view this week’s lessons --

To view past lessons --

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