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Test & Video Reviews

- Bayliner 175 Bowrider
- Glastron GS 259
- Grady-White Gulfstream 232
- Larson 180 Sport
Nitro Z-9 CDC
Premier 221 Gemini
- Tigé 22i
- Yamaha FZR

Also Inside:
- Yamaha's 23 Sportboat
- Hydra-Sports New 2000WA
- Product Review: Flexiteek
- Capt. Steve's Accident Report
- Do Beards Raise Fish?
- Product Review: Fulton F2
- USCG Saves Three Stooges
- USCG Not Insurance
- Sea-Doo Wins USCG Award
- Liberian Freighter Slams Rock
- Why Did a Dolphin Board a CC?
How to Tie 16 Important Knots
- Boating Under the Influence
- Ducky Award Winner

Yamaha’s 23' Sportboat:
A Design Innovation

New Yamaha 23
The new 232 sets itself apart from all other sportboats,
both stern drive and jet-powered.

It isn’t often that a real innovation in boat design comes along. The mid-cabin concept, the bowrider, the deck boat, the enclosed head in a sportboat, the flying bridge – all were important innovations that survive to this day and added to the fun of boating. Yamaha deserves to be on that list for the 2003 introduction of their 23’ jet boat design. And while it wasn’t the first jet sportboat, it was the first one to catch the public’s imagination and take off for sales Nirvana. (To say nothing of having engines that actually worked.) Now their 232 Limited, sister of the AR230 which won Boating Magazine’s 2007 Boat of the Year Award, has made a good thing better. This design has what Yamaha President Mark Speaks calls an “engine-less upper deck” and that single design innovation gets the engine(s) out of the way, making more room for people and gear. Take a look at the photo above and note the innovation.

Yamaha’s President explains his exciting sportboat.

See tests on all Yamaha sportboats.

Sign up for a Yamaha sportboat test drive.

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Boat Tests & Reviews

Glastron GS 259

Glastron FS 259

Glastron’s GS 259 is a versatile offering for those wishing to have the comfort and convenience of a weekend “pocket cruiser” while still maintaining the flexibility of a trailerable boat. With its 8’6” beam, both the road and the water are yours for the taking. Check out the Glastron GS 259 for yourself.

Take the GS 259 for a test drive. Test Drive

Grady-White Gulfstream 232

Grady-White Gulfstream 232
The Gulfstream 232 makes overnight fishing trips more accessible than ever before in this size range. There are plenty of features to compel the most diehard sportsman, coupled with the comfort of overnight accommodations, making the 232 a boat that’s earned the right to your serious inspection. See the Grady-White Gulfstream 232 for yourself .

Make your reservation to see her at the Ft. Lauderdale Show.

Take the Grady-White Gulfstream 232 for a test drive. Test Drive

Larson 180 Sport

Larson 180 Sport 2009

At first glance, you might think that the 180 Sport is just another entry level boat, but you’d be wrong. Larson actually stepped up and managed to put in features that are usually reserved for the larger sized offerings that make this 18-footer a standout. But don't take our word for it, step aboard Larson's 180 Sport.

Take the Larson 180 Sport for a test drive. Test Drive

Nitro Z-9 CDC

Nitro Z-9 CDCAt 71.5 mph powered by the OptiMax Pro 250, you can be at your favorite fishing spot while your buddies are still getting their PFDs buckled. We like the huge platform forward of the console which contains a live well in addition to stowage compartments for everything except your deceased mother-in-law. Capt. John Wenz wrings out the Nitro and inspects every square inch. See test and video of the Nitro Z-9 CDC.

Take the Z-9 CDC for a test drive. Test Drive

Premier 221 Gemini

Premier 221 GeminiPremier has been building nothing but pontoon boats since 1992. Their upscale lineup ranges from simple, no frills double “Toon” boats to high-end triples. The Gemini model, part of what they call their Sportboats, is a boat built for easy launching and set-up, so that you can get right to the fun. It’s uncomplicated, yet it has some nice features and a layout that allows you to do a little bit of everything. Step aboard with Capt. Wenz on a test run of the 221 Gemini from Premier!

Take the 221 Gemini for a test drive. Test Drive

Tigé 22i

Tigé 22iEvery boat in Tigé’s lineup shares the same patented “Convex V” hull design and “TAPS2” control system, which offer multi-sport versatility. The 22i also has the sharp steering and precise handling one expects from this type of design. Tigé’s 22i is a dramatic, fully-loaded skiboat that delivers versatility and world-class performance. Additionally, the boat comes with a LifePlus Lifetime Replacement Warranty. Captain John Wenz takes a video look.

Take the 22i for a test drive. Sea Trial

Yamaha FZRYamaha FZR

This is not a family PWC. Yamaha set out with a clean slate, to design a machine that would deliver the thrills that only true, stand-up adrenaline junkies crave, while still allowing for laid back breaks and flat out speed runs. The result is the FZR, for the stand-up guy who wants a more versatile PWC. Come along while we prove it, and try to keep up.

Take the FZR for a test drive. test drive

Bayliner 175 BowriderBayliner 175 Bowrider

According to Bayliner, the 175 Bowrider is one of their best selling boats with one in three of their buyers starting with a 175. Bayliner has methodically improved this model over the last six years to make it as good as it can be. Bayliner also has a couple optional packages available to add greater excitement and to personalize your boat. See the new 175 Bowrider from Bayliner.

Take the 175 Bowrider for a test drive. Test Drive

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New Boat

Hydra-Sports Welcomes
the 2000 WA to Their Line

Hydra-Sports 2200 WA
A new walkaround with a sporty style.

The 20' 11'' 2000 WA is the newest addition to the Hydra-Sports Lightning Series line. By designing the boat around a single engine source, this walkaround cabin should prove to be more economical whether you choose to take the guys out for fishing or the family out for a cruise. Get specs and see more images here.

Product Video

Use Flexiteek on Everything from Tenders to Megayachts

Flexiteek looks like the real thing
yet eliminates most maintenance.

First used by early adopters about seven years ago, Flexiteek, a PVC composite material is growing in popularity and now scores of builders from middle-market builders to megayacht yards all over the world are using the product. Developed and manufactured in Norway (thus the nickname “Norwegian Teak”), it was natural that European builders such as Azimut, Ferretti, Fairline and Sunseeker started using it. Now American builders such as Four Winns and Regal are using it, too, among others. Capt Robert Smith takes a video look at the product and spills his second favorite drink – red wine – on some Norwegian teak as a test.



Prop Info

yamaha pwc

boat history



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Captain Steve's Accident Report

19’ Boat Blows
Up in a Driveway

An Everett, WA man was severely
burned on Oct 6th when gas vapors
in his sportboat ignited.

An unidentified man in Everett, WA was severely injured recently while working on his 19’ sportboat. The boat was on a trailer in his driveway when fuel vapors exploded. “Fuel vapors ignited when the man tried to start the engine,” said Gary Bontrager, a fire investigator with the Snohomish County Fire Marshal's Office. Crews rushed the man to Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett, and he was later taken to the Seattle trauma center. To find out more about this accident and other boat explosions on dry your blower.

Fishing News

Do Beards
Raise Fish?

Do beards raise fish?
These two fishermen tell us that they
did not score any IGFA records
until they grew their beards.

Word has been quietly circulating recently about the correlation between record catches and facial hair. Saltwater fishermen (see video) have known this secret for generations and now bass, walleye and other freshwater fishermen seem to have figured it out. Facial hair, in particular the Van Dyke beard that many also call the Goatee, has been sprouting more and more on bass tournament anglers according to fishing writer Dave Landahl. To find out more about the scientific reasons why beards may well be raising fish, trim this ‘stache.

Safety Tip

The USCG is Not Insurance for the Disabled

Coast Guard personnel no longer sit around playing cards waiting for distress calls.

On Sunday evening Oct. 12th a Coast Guard helicopter crew rescued a man and a woman from a disabled motorboat after it had drifted dangerously close to rocks near the northern end of Coronado, CA. With the world teaming with terrorists and druggies, the USCG no longer needs boaters in distress to help them pass the time. Boat owners need to start taking responsibility for themselves. A little “human intervention” is all it takes to eliminate most of the Coasties’ weekly amusement.
To find out what happened to our hapless couple in Southern California, plunk your magic twanger.

Back from the Dead

USCG Saves
Three Stooges

three stooges
First they took up golf, then boating with friends – all with predictable results.

For years it had been rumored that the Three Stooges were still alive, but actual confirmed sightings of them had been rare – until now! It seems that they are still up to their old slapstick tricks and have recruited three more boneheads. The Coast Guard not only found them all on Oct. 9th on a boat off of Oahu, Hawaii, but also rescued them, thus bringing joy to the hearts of all who loved them.

To find out what Larry, Curley and Moe plus their three buddies were doing offshore and why the USCG got into their act, slap this stick.

PWC News

Sea-Doo Wins USCG Boating Safety Award

Sea-Doo Reverse
The reverse handle on the RXT-X which won the Coast Guard’s highest product commendation.

In September the USCG Office of Auxiliary and Boating Safety recognized Bombardier Recreational Products Inc (BRP) with its prestigious Boating Safety Award. This award was given to BRP for its commitment to improving boating safety through the introduction of an unprecedented electronically controlled hand-braking system, the iBR™ (intelligent Brake and Reverse), on two of its 2009 Sea Doo® personal watercraft models. The Coast Guard is optimistic that this innovative braking system will decrease the number of personal watercraft accidents. To see Capt. Wenz’s test of the RXT-X with hand-braking system, pull this handle.

To see tests of all Sea-Doo PWCs.

To sign up for a Sea-Doo PWC test drive.

Wreck of the Week

Liberian Freighter Slams Gibraltar

Europa Point
Europa Point, at the south tip of Gibraltar, is often a lee shore and no place for a freighter to anchor.

A 35,000 ton vessel snapped in half after smashing against rocks of Gibraltar last week. The Liberian-registered “Fedra” had been dragging her anchor in a Force 8 gale on Friday afternoon. Have you ever noticed that “Liberian-registered” vessels are often in the news for running aground, sinking, smuggling, dumping ballast water in restricted waters, breaking up and spilling tens of thousands of barrels of crude oil on pristine beaches? Have you ever wondered why some governmental body doesn’t do something about it?

To find out what happened to the 31-man crew on this vessel and to see some great pictures on a lee shore, anchor to windward.

To see video of government official explaining ships falling apart.

Mystery of the Week

Why Did
Dolphin Board
Center Console?

Re-creation of event in Florida. NOTE: Professional stunt dolphin, no animals were harmed in this re-creation.

An Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin jumped aboard an 18’ center console while a couple and their daughter were cruising early this month in South Florida. The incident made national TV network news. But ever since the incident a debate has been raging as to why the dolphin jumped aboard. One marine biologist said the dolphin was a baby and must have been lost. Another said it must have been escaping Jaws. Others contend that the aquatic mammal was after the crew’s anchovy sandwiches. To find out more about this unusual encounter of the third kind, flipper here.

Product Review

Easy Trailering
with the
Fulton F2

Fulton's F2 Trailer Jack
Captain Rob says this product is easy to adjust to your vehicle and
your trailering system.

Fulton's F2 trailer jack is an adjustable mounting system that with the help of twin, independent wheels to facilitate direction makes it possible to align the trailer tongue to the tow vehicle. There are many features to this innovative jack so come along as Captain Rob Smith shows you the ins and outs of this advanced boat trailer.

Learn more about the F2 trailer jack.

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Knot Primer

How to Tie 16 Important Knots

A bowline:
First, you make
the hole.
Bowline 2
Then, the snake comes out of the hole.
Bowline 3
The snake
goes around
the tree.
Bowline 4
Then, the snake
goes back
into the hole.

As kids we were told about the snake trajectory to help us learn to tie the bowline – one of the most basic and important of all nautical knots. Once learned, who can forget it? A power boater only needs to know a few basic knots to get by in most situations. By clicking below you can teach yourself those knots in a minute or two with the easy instructional device provided by “Animated Knots by Grog.” Probably the most basic of all nautical knots is the “cleat hitch” and we never cease to be amazed at how many boaters don’t know how to do it properly – and pile figure 8 upon figure 8 on it until it’s a mess. All knots tying a boat to a pier should be easy, simple and quick to throw off. To brush up or learn some new knots, snake eats mouse.

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Capt. Steve's Lesson #10

Boating Under the Influence

Capt. Steve
Capt. Steve says don’t drink and operate a boat – it’s not worth it!

This week’s lesson from Captain Steve is straight forward and should go without saying – operating a boat under the influence is a local, state, and federal crime. Captain Steve goes over your responsibilities as captain – to other boaters on the water, to your passengers, and to yourself. He will explain what the parameters are to be considered boating under the influence. The four videos presented this week are part of Captain Steve’s USCG-approved boating course called “Smart Boating.” Watch Captain Steve’s video boating lessons every week on

To view this week’s lessons.

To view all of the lessons.

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