Bertram 700 Convertible Tested & Inspected - 10/15/2008
Bertram 700 Bertram 700
Bertram Yacht’s new entry into the dreadnought category of battlewagons
leaves little doubt about its high seas abilities.

Because the new Bertram 700 is a collaboration between Bertram’s big game fishing captains and crusty engineers on this side of the pond, and Ferretti’s test-tank speed merchants and Italian free-thinking designers and stylists in the Med, the result was bound to be something special. Big game (and big buck) sportfishermen around the world have been eagerly awaiting her introduction for over a year. We got aboard the 700 for testing and inspection as she made her triumphal tour down the American East Coast visiting the fall boat shows. Capt. Rob Smith has been periodically visiting this boat at the plant from the time of her hull-layup and now has a complete video report with performance numbers. She will be the queen at Bertram’s booth at the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show, October 30 - November 3, and no doubt there will be a long line to see her.

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