“Custom Not Compromise” Hargrave Takes a Different Approach - 10/01/2008
What if we said that you could build your own custom yacht from the keel up for not much more than a production or semi-custom yacht? What if we told you the process was actually easier than you think and that you don’t need to be an experienced mariner with forty years on your sea legs? Would you believe us? Well it turns out that both statements are true. In the next few weeks we will be taking an in-depth look at five models from Hargrave Custom Yachts and bringing you the results.

Hargrave 100' Seafarer
Hargrave 100’ Seafarer underway.

To view a Hargrave Custom Yacht at the Fort Lauderdale boat show, come aboard here.

Hargrave yachts are seriously highly customizable boats at production boat prices or less. If you have ever tried to get the builder of an expensive production motoryacht, say one costing from $2 million to $6 million, to modify the layout, change wood selections or do some custom built-ins, or move non-structural bulkheads -- much less anything major, then you know what their answer is. That is what makes dealing with Hargrave such a breath of fresh air. The team at Hargrave has a can-do attitude. In fact Hargrave says there’s almost nothing they’ve been asked to do by an owner that they couldn't accommodate.

It is important to note that Hargrave follows industry standard scantling requirements and uses exactly the same equipments installed by U.S. and European builders. So, if the boats cost the same or less than production boats, can be highly customized, and are built to ABYC and other shipbuilding standards, what is the compromise?

Hargrave Mar Azul
Helm of the Hargrave 84’ Mar Azul.
You have to wait. Since it is a highly customizable boat (the hull shapes and superstructures come in several styles which can be modified but not substantially changed), the boat must be drawn, engineered, spec-d-out and built--all of which takes time. But the good news is that while you wait, Hargrave will be glad to put you into a used Hargrave motoryacht while you wait.

We found it interesting that with a range of yachts from 84’ to 120’, over 52% of owners have actually built more than one yacht with Hargrave. This says as much about the quality and satisfaction with the finished product as it does for the overall experience and regard for the Hargrave team. Selecting not just the layout, but what materials; woods, marble, fabrics, leathers and all the furnishings is what makes each yacht unique with a character all its own.

Hargrave Mar Azul
Cockpit and entertaining space on the Hargrave 84’ Mar Azul.
Hargrave’s slogan is “custom not compromise” and after reading through 28 testimonials and thank you letters sent in by Hargrave owners we understand this a bit clearer. The common thread these owners all had woven through their letters was, “Hargrave operates differently, thinks differently, and acts differently.”

Hargrave Sandrine
Flying Bridge of the 120’ Sandrine.
Each year Hargrave exhibits at the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show. If you are considering a large motoryacht, we suggest that you stop and talk to the Hargrave folks and see for yourself if they will do anything in a large yacht you ask. You will receive VIP treatment whether you sign up or not, but to be sure to meet Hargrave founder Mike Joyce simply fill out our questionnaire and we'll see to it he is on hand to answer any of your questions...

If your nautical path is leading you to a custom yacht and you would like to connect with the Hargrave team at the Fort Lauderdale boat show, come aboard here and arrange your visit to one of the models available for viewing at the show.