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Offshore Motoryacht September 3, 2008 If you cannot view the see the newsletter, click here. Tests You Can Trust

Test & Video Reviews

- Seaswirl 3301 Walk Around
- Larson Cabrio 370 Day Cruiser
- Regal 4460 Commodore
Henriques 42 Express

Also Inside:
- Farmers' Lobby Pushing for E-15
- New Rampage 340
- New Bertram 540
- Diesel Engine Tips

- Formula's Skyhook
- OceanLED and Lighthouse
Bow Falls Off Tanker
- Engine Overhaul Considerations
- Readers Suggest Regulator
LVMH Buys Feadship
- Product Review: Salt-Away
- Product Review: Kohler 7.3
- Product Review: Garmin GPS
- Robin Hood or Corsican Pirates
Bankruptcy Court and Brunswick
- Sealine Crew Sinks F-37
- Midnight Killer Strikes Again
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Farmers' Lobby Pushing
for E-15 to E-85 ASAP!

Fuel for Food
The farmers’ corn ethanol lobby is in full war cry.  
How will your boat's engine run on E-85?

America's farmers would like to see the ethanol blend in fuel go from the E-10 that it is today, to E-15, E-30 and eventually to E-85, just as quickly as they can plant the corn to make it happen. But what will that do to your marine engine?  The fact that it takes a gallon of gas to make a gallon of ethanol notwithstanding, powerful forces are pushing this scenario. With a close election, and famers’ votes crucial to both parties, don't expect much straight talk from either side about ethanol in your future. Oddly, the groups standing between the farmers' congressional thresher and the status quo are boaters and power equipment interests. For insight into what the ethanol lobby is saying and why high ethanol blends are problematical for your marine engine...tank up here. 

You be the Judge!

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Boat Tests & Reviews

Henriques 42 Express

Henriques 42 Express

The Henriques 42 Express is a well-built, customizable sportfisherman that will get you out to where the fish are and safely home in comfort, but also in a certain style that could only be born out of a long tradition of serious, day-in and day-out offshore fishing.  See complete test and video of the Henriques' 42 Express…

Seaswirl 3301 Walk Around

Seaswirl 3301 Walk Around

Starting in 1955, Seaswirl began learning about what a boater wants in a solid offshore capable boat and today’s design innovations, durability and fishability are proof they listen. The Striper 3301 combines that fishability with a cabin comfortable enough to take the family along or bring along all your buddies to bunk up and fish early. Come aboard the Seaswirl 3301 Walk Around O/B.

Larson Cabrio 370 Day Cruiser

Larson 370 Day Cruiser

After extensive customer surveys, Larson discovered that many owners of express cruisers are looking for greater entertaining space in the cabin. Starting with their 370 Cabrio Day Cruiser, by eliminating the master suite and expanding the salon Larson is changing the way we look at entertaining. See Capt. Ron’s video and complete test of the Larson Cabrio 370 Day Cruiser.

Regal 4460 Commodore

Regal 4460The 4460 Commodore has a sleek look, nice appointments and sleeping for six.  With an original deck layout and good performance, the 4460 Commodore is the second largest boat in the Regal fleet.  Come aboard the Regal 4460 Commodore.

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New Boat

New Bertram 54 Recalls Glory Days

image 1 image 2

Bertrams were always different. Back in the “old” days when their primary production-boat competition was Hatteras they shunned the squared off Hargrave design with its beautiful Rybovich-inspired sheer line and went for more graceful, flowing curves. Both design approaches were popular and neither defined what a sportsfisherman “should” look like. Times have changed and now the Carolina Style dominates along battlewagon row. But Bertram under Ferretti has kept to that traditional Bertram style, and added many new wrinkles of it’s own. To read how Bertram itself describes their new offering and to see drawings and computer sketches…set your hook.

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First Report

New Rampage 340 w/ IPS
Makes Sportfishing History

Rampage 34
The new Rampage has good speed and even better fuel economy, but the real story is the way she backs down on big game. Pod drives are definitely fishy.

We got on the new Rampage 340 at the dealer meeting this summer before the first boat was even finished. The hull and deck were complete, but the builder had not yet  finished the interior, so had loaded the boat up with lead pigs and concrete blocks to bring her up to the 17,200 lbs. spec. Nevertheless what we experienced when backing the boat down will be noted in fishboat history as the start of something very new and exciting. To find out what we mean…back down here. 

See all test of Rampage boats...

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Diesel Engine Tips

Straight Talk from Yanmar About Weight, Contamination, and Pre-Injection

Yanmar 1 Yanmar 2 Yanmar 3
Below 350-hp Yanmar is top banana in hp/wt ratio.
How about above 350?
Which fuel is more easily contaminated --
gas or diesel?
How does Yanmar make such quiet engines with no soot?

When it comes to repowering gas to diesel, Yanmar has taken the industry by storm. High power to weight ratios, small envelopes, concerned distributors who make their living from repowering, and savvy top management have all made Yanmar a leader in this field. Listen now, as Kevin Carlin, an expert on diesel engines, including Yanmar’s tells us about power to weight ratio, fuel contamination and the joys of pre-injection. (See above.)

If you are thinking about repowering your current boat, or a used boat you are thinking of buying, and have questions, send them along to us and we’ll have Yanmar’s techs answer them in a future issue of Offshore Motoryacht…ask and ye shall receive. 

Ask BoatTEST!

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Formula News

Fall $ Incentives
& Skyhook

Formula Incentives Skyhook
Formula President Scott Porter announces 3 new fall incentives (and two are cash!). Axius has perfected the joystick “skyhook” which makes hanging-out a lot more fun.

This summer we visited the Formula Yachts dealer meeting on the west coast of Florida and discovered that this fall the company will be offering 3 valuable incentives for buyers in the off season. We also learned that the long-awaited “skyhook” feature has finally been perfected by the engineers at MerCruiser and that great feature is now available on all Formula Axius-powered boats. Get the word on both subjects right from the President’s mouth. See the videos above.

See tests on all Formula boats…

Product News

NOW-- Underwater Lights
With "Lighthouse" Power!

OceanLED wins US Patent and now owns the rights to use optical collimators with LEDs.

UK-based underwater lighting manufacturer OceanLED has been granted a US patent for its full range of underwater lighting products. It is the latest in a series of patents that have been granted to the company, including European, Middle Eastern and Australian patents. According to a group statement, OceanLED now owns the rights for using optical collimators with LEDs for underwater lighting. A collimator placed over an LED is said to intensify the light leaving a fixture by over 500 percent — similar to that of a lighthouse.

See BoatTEST videos of OceanLED underwater lights, how they work, maintenance and more... 


First Again


Prop Info

Larson Banner

yamaha pwc


boat history



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Shipping News

Bow Falling off Tanker
A "Freak" Accident Says Pol

Fairline bow Fairline Targa 44 fairline galley
The recent spate of bows falling off oil tankers has some
tree-hugging environmentalists up in arms. 
Not to worry says a high-ranking government official.

In an exclusive interview, a high government official has acknowledged that oil tanker bows do fall off from time to time but says that it is very rare. Further, he says, in the recent case of a tanker bow falling off near Australia the 20,000 tons of crude oil it contained was kept out of the enviorment. To find out about tanker construction standards, bows falling off, and how Australia kept an oil spill out of the environment...plunk your magic twanger. 

You be the Judge!

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Boat Buying Tip

Engine Overhaul Considerations

Overhaul Considerations
Sooner or later your motoryacht will need
an engine overhaul.

When buying a new or used motoryacht, make sure you know how easy or hard it will be to overhaul the engines. When the unthinkable goes wrong, how hard will it be to pull pistons and cylinder jackets? Can this work be done in situ, or must the engines be completely removed from the boat – and, can they be?

Listen as Capt. Forrest Johnson gives some practical advice when it comes to boat buying and engine overhauls.

Regulator 34/38

BoatTEST Readers Suggest Regulator Modifications

Regulator 38
BoatTEST readers made many practical and creative suggestions for the new offshore Regulator 34/38.

We received an out-pouring of (mostly) practical and solid suggestions for Regulator’s design team and engineers to contemplate. The suggestions were so good, in fact, that we are going to keep the contest open one more week. BoatTEST readers have spoken quite clearly about several matters, such as the need for a transom or side tuna door, the seats in the bow, and desire for a practical anchoring system. Hull #1 will be on display at the Atlantic City Boat show this weekend, Sept. 4-7, and hull #2 will be at the Norwalk show, Sept. 18-21. To see all of the suggestions, plus to get a bird’s eye view of the new Regulator deck plan…tickle your fancy.

See tests of Regulator boats…

Product Video

"Salt-Away" Safety


If your boat is in a saltwater environment, simply flushing your engine's cooling system with fresh water may not get all of the salts out. Salt build-up over time will reduce the efficiency of your system and may cause catastrophic damage. See what BoatTEST Capt. Rob Smith has to say about "Salt-Away"... see video.

Visit Salt-Away online.

Product Video

Kohler 7.3 KW Generator


Kohler has the broadest line of marine generators made in the world. They build diesel and gas generators with both 50 HZ and 60 HZ output which makes them a truly world-wide product line. Not only that, but their new sophisticated self-diagnostic system and world-wide support make them a good choice. Come along as Capt. Robert Smith takes a look at the new low-emissions generator and self-diagnostic system.

Visit Kohler online. 

Product Video

Garmin Touch Screen

Garmin GPS Map 5012 is intuitive.

No confusing buttons! The GPS MAP 5012 features an unprecedented touch screen interface, along with a satellite-enhanced worldwide base map and a whopping 12.1" screen that makes navigation as easy as pointing your finger. By connecting to the Garmin Marine Network, you can add sonar, radar and weather. It is the simplest, most intuitive, user-friendly multi-function device on the market today…see video.

Delivery Crew Blues

Sealine Crew Sinks New F-37

The new Sealine several minutes after rescue had to be abandoned.

British tabloids had a field day yukking it up over a Sealine factory delivery crew which managed to run a brand new F-37 up on the bricks off Falmouth, England. A British Coast Guard vessel responded immediately and tried to tow the vessel to the closest beach. To find out what happened and how it happened and what might happen to the two British mariners…hit your mouse.

Industry News

Bankruptcy Court Considers Brunswick Offer

Olympic Boat Centers is in Chapter XI and Brunswick Corp. has offered $48 million for
its assets.

The trend toward “factory-direct” boat sales received another boost recently when the Brunswick Corp. (parent of Sea Ray, U.S. Marine, Boston Whaler and other brands) made an offer of $48 million for Olympic Boat Centers to the Federal Bankruptcy Court. Olympic has 20 stores from San Diego to Seattle and is the world’s largest Bayliner dealership.  Olympic’s lawyers are saying $48 million is way too low and the bench isn’t saying much other than there will be an auction. To find out why Brunswick is so interested in Olympic, the auction date and to express your opinion about boat builders buying dealerships…the court's in session. 

You be the Judge!

Pirates of the Med

Robin Hood or Corsican Pirates?

Tiara Main
Merry Men and the Megayacht -- The $36 million was a tempting target.  What would Friar Tuck say about a little redistribution of the wealth?

Were they pirates or simply 21st century merry men from Corsica planning on robbing the rich to give to the poor? Just as travelling a road through Sherwood Forest in 12th century England might have tempted men in tights, anchoring off the southern coast of Corsica might also be considered as pushing one’s luck, even today. After all, the island is world-famous for its bandits. Imagine what a tempting target the 178’ megasloop Tiara must have been, and last week the Pirates of the Med struck.

To find out more about these merry men and the megayacht…shiver your timbers.

Boating Safety

The Midnight Killer Strikes Again

midnight killer
KTEN’s Hailee Holliday on Ashley Tolbert’s deadly crash.

This time the Midnight Killer comes in an unlikely description: a twenty-one year old woman with a blood-alcohol level above .10. Ashley Tolbert was charged last week with first-degree manslaughter for an 11:45 PM accident on Lake Murray, OK on June 1. Prosecutors say Tolbert was drunk when she ran her 2004 Baja Outlaw at high speed onto shore. One passenger died and two others were injured. She faces four years to life if convicted. For details…read on.

See local TV video about accident...

You Be the Judge!

Industry News

LVMH Buys Feadship

Feadship 21

LVMH Moët Hennessy-Louis Vuitton SA, the France-based luxury goods group that recently acquired UK boatbuilder Princess Yachts, has entered into an exclusive agreement with Dutch investment group Egeria to acquire the Royal van Lent Shipyard for an undisclosed sum. The Feadship-branded yard is currently controlled by CEO Dick van Lent, who will remain as a shareholder and continue in his existing role at the yard in Kaarg, Holland. Reportedly Feadship has annual sales of about $150 million US, building five or six boats a year. Its order book is full for the next several years.

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